£2000 road tax??? - martint123
I see that the libdems are reported to be dropping income tax by 2p and funding it by increasing road tax.

" with road tax likely to rise to over £2,000 for the most polluting cars."

Sadly, I suspect 'the most polluting cars' will be those who were first registered before the CO2 emissions were in the V5 as at present.
£2000 road tax??? - Xileno {P}
Just all spin, they will never get elected but it creates some headlines.
£2000 road tax??? - Armitage Shanks {p}
No party should increase road tax until more of the ludicrous amounts we already pay is actually spent on the roads IMHO. Current figure is about 18% SFAIK
£2000 road tax??? - Adam {P}
Who are they trying to impress? A few tree huggers who are probably against capitalist Western governments anyway and would never vote?

They seem to forget that an awful lot of people in this country actually drive.
£2000 road tax??? - turbo11
Guess you will just end up with more untaxed vehicles on the road.
£2000 road tax??? - artful dodger {P}
Typical headline grabber. What about those people who live in the countryside and need a 4x4, rather than the Chelsea tractor brigade they are targeting.

As already mentioned, the Liberals do not have a hope in hell of being elected, so thankfully this high taxation will never happen.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
£2000 road tax??? - Hamsafar
Lib Dems are just part of the trilateral pantomime that makes people believe there is a democracy. Ignore them.

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