mot requirments - gasspringmaker
does anyone know if a 7 seater mpv has to have all its seats in for the mot, or can i leave the back ones out?
mot requirments - martint123

It says the driver and front passenger seat has to be tested for security but little else. Best bet would be to phone the testing station to ask.

mot requirments - Civic8
I think this applies to you.
mot requirments - Dynamic Dave
Unless the MOT test has changed, if there's a seat present, then it has to be secure (and all the other bumf mentioned in the above link). If the passenger seat(s) isn't / aren't there, then the tester cannot fail the vehicle as there are no seats present to test.

A few years ago a friend of mine was doing up his MG-BGT, but instead of taking it off the road and doing the job properly, he continued using it as his daily transport as well as trying to restore it to it's former glory. For convenience he only chucked the passenger seat in and didn't bother fixing it to the floor as it got in the way between welding and replacing the interior trim and carpets. When MOT time came around he just took the passenger seat out. Two MOT's later the tester commented "I remember this car, it didn't have a passenger seat last year - oh! it hasn't got one this year either."

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