tow bar removal - golf mk3 - adam f
I have a tow bar fitted to my golf mk 3 and i want it gone. It has two plugs on it. I think it is bolted on to the chassis not welded.The only thing i am unsure about is the electrical side of removing it.
Can i just cut the wire? or will this play havoc with cars electrics? Can i put them in some sort of cable connector and tape them off after? Or can i trace them back to there original point and disconnect them there(not that i know where it is)

or is it a cheap job at the garage?
tow bar removel - Screwloose

The presence of the second [supplementary] socket really makes this a garage job. The normal 7-pin will be bodged on to the rear light wiring and is fairly easy to follow back and disconnect; the other socket contains permanently live power and charging feeds all the way from the front of the car.

Those have some disaster potential if you get it wrong, so it's probably worth paying a garage [or a sparks] for half an hour to rip them out for you.

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