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This has the most tenuous of links to motoring. I found the thing so deeply moving and in many ways a metaphor for our times that I had to post it. This could have been any one of us. The guy's response is what got me.

I could whinge on about how valuable life is and how important our friends and colleagues are.

To drag it on to topic, and nothing to do with the story, as a direct result of this I have signed up as a organ donor remember if you have a bump you may rely on a donor.

I suppose I will get moderated for this.

Donor Cards for Drivers. - Ian (Cape Town)
Unfortunately, you have been modded.

I carry an organ donor card, with a specific that the organs donated can only go to help those at PUBLIC hospitals, as opposed to fee-paying (ie for rich types) ones.

Again, if this offends the mods, so be it.

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I wouldn't want your bits if that's your attitude. A life is a life. Period.
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AFAIK, you can't put such conditions on becoming an organ donor in the UK: once you offer to donate your organs, its for the medical people to decide how best to use them and those who survive you to consent to the donation - although they will not know who receives your organs.

Then again, transplants here are conducted based on medical merit, not how much you can pay - fortunately!

Those, at least, were the conditions set out when I signed my organ donor card here in Ireland. But, as organ donations from Ireland go to the UK (as do recepients for their transplants - Ireland and the UK 'share' to create a large enough pool of donors, recipients and medical expertise), those conditions apply equally in the UK.
Donor Cards for Drivers. - Ian (Cape Town)
Apologies to Xileno, who is offended by my post.
To clarify (I should have done so in my original posting): There has been a scandal on this side of the world, where sick poor people are dying because the neccessary organs etc are (supposedly) not available, meanwhile those with the $$$ to go private jump the queue, normally to replace livers etc damaged by years of excess.

Under the circumstances, I don't think my stance on the matter is unreasonable.
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Hi Pugugly

I don't think you'll get moderated but then I am not a moderator! Most right minded people would go along with what you say but I can't make that funny link you posted work. Please could you try again? What you say has kicked me into the sort of action I need to take, including divorced and haven't changed my will yet and I could add this donot thing! If you don't want to post here please forward the link to me at the e mail address in my profile - thanks!
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Well you been modded and I meant 'donor thing' not 'donot thing' - fat fingered fool! Oh for an edit button!
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If it was the moderators that edited that URL (it may have been an automated filter) then please could they just delete the whole thread, as it doesn't make any sense without the URL being accessible.

If it was automatically filtered then could the thread creator please repost the link in such as way as to make it pass through the filter?
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It was the Times on-line and I know now why it was filtered (it's the "other place") probably same story in the Telegraph, Indie etc. Basically this guy (a cyclist) was put on a waiting list for a scan which turns out would have killed him in two weeks. His work mates had a whip round for the £720.00 required(12 pounds each) what got to me was the humanity of the whole thing, his response for what he describes as the unimaginable kindness of his colleagues. On top of that their biss re-imburssed each one to the tune of £20.00 Am I becoming a softee..?
Donor Cards for Drivers. - Armitage Shanks {p}
Now you are not a softy! This is how British life USED to be. People looking out for each other, helping, sharing, caring, concerned, doing things without expectation of reward or pay-back. No what's in it for me attitude. Days long gone for many of us and fading fast for the rest! Well done those people and their employer too!
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Cheers. Just read the article, a pretty amazing story.

Ain't it pathetic that the timesonline url is censored, what a joke.
Donor Cards for Drivers. - No FM2R

Go to the t imesonline home page and add /article/0,,2-2212707,00.html after the bit.
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There are several managers here I would happily spend 20 quid on a scan for to find out whats happening up there.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
Donor Cards for Drivers. - component part

Same at my place unfortunately
Donor Cards for Drivers. - Armitage Shanks {p}
A feel a bit foolish but having read the story I thought what a good bunch of people they must have, working down there in Bristol, so I racg them up and said so! They said they have had a lot of calls and e mails and people were, obviously, pleased with the outcome for the individual and full of praise for the attitude of his workmates and the boss - sounds like a good place to work!
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Good on you.
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Ain't it pathetic that the timesonline url is censored, what a joke.

Not if you were aware of the reason why. I won't go into any more detail than that. A forum search should reveal the history behind the censorship.

Donor Cards for Drivers. - Pugugly {P}
I remembered and appreciate the reason after my initial post.
Donor Cards for Drivers. - Statistical outlier
Try this:

I completely disagree with discriminating by any criteria other than medical need and medical suitability. If someone's an alcholic who will kill the liver, don't give it to them. Only criteria once they're suitable.
Donor Cards for Drivers. - Ian (Cape Town)
That sounds like the BEST thing to do.
Forgive me for being a fly-in-the-ointment, but I sometimes worry when non-deserving cases get jumped to the front of the queue (allegedly!) because they happen to be rich and/or famous.
Please refer to my earlier message re private/public medical.
Oh, and before the mods get angry, i have been to motor accident sites in this country, where the injured and traumatised victims, once stabilised, have been questioned "have you got medical aid? (ie health insurance) and then they decide which ambulance to load them into!!!!
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I don't think the card makes any difference in the UK - if the doctors believe organs can be used they will ask the NOK anyway.

I don't carry a card because SWMBO has said she doesn't want me to, I am however a blood donor and on the bone marrow register. You have to accept that the blood donated is used as needed and may be to help someone who I feel doesn't merit it - the choice I make is whether to donate or not.
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It's just dawned on me that PU is trying to 'get me going' by defending huge GP salaries, then posting a link about incompetent GPs. You are a tease!
Donor Cards for Drivers. - smoke
The donor cards matter, as does joining the transplant register which will formalise your wishes. If you are in hospital in a terminal state then inform hospital staff of your wishes , or alternatively let your NOK know to discuss this with the Drs on the team looking after you when you are in a terminal state.

As for Waino's comment, if you have an medical issue with your GPs treatment of you, feel free to book an appointment with the practice manager of the practice you are at and lodge a complaint.

If you wish to believe that all GPs earn £250'000 you are living in the clouds. All GP practices are run as independant buisnesses, some are even run as practice groups i.e. several GP practices that are run as one buisness. As such some employ managers known as practice managers to deal with the buisness issues of a practice, leaving the GP partners to deal with the medical and medicolegal and social issues surrounding patient care. Some doctors however take an interest in buisness and do away with the practice managers and do the job themselves sometimes running up to 5 practices at a time as well as being a medic, and these are the ones with a big salary. Most GPs are not on anywhere near that sort of salary, and if you employed the managers to do the jobs that the buisness GPs do they would probably cost more.

Equally GPs, they deal with every sort of human problem that you can imagine and some that you can't on a day to day basis, and only do so because they want to.
We don't know the exact situation for the case above, but inevitably things may be missed though errors.
But for every one case thats missed with a scan not being done, hundreds are done out of doctors being cautious and come back negative in effect "wasting NHS resources" as the papers report.

I am very sorry mods as this is totally off topic but i feel strongly about hearing rubbish pouted about my profession on a forum which i use to escape from rubbish in my profession
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As this thread has strayed off topic (well, to be honest, and I quote Pugugly's comment "This has the most tenuous of links to motoring.")

this thread is locked.


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