VW Passat 2002 Poor Security Locks - d9ber
VW Passat 2002 TDI Sport Poor locks

Anywone who owns a VW Passat had any issues with their locking system? I have owned two passats no problem with the previous one but with this, I have had it broken into on two occasions now in just 6 months. The car has a very poor locking system according to the Police this will be the same for Golf's Boras etc. Has anyone out there experienced breakins on their vehicles where by the thief puts a screw driver in the drivers door lock a quick turn and down come all the windows. Is there a better locking system one can get or should I change my car?
VW Passat 2002 Poor Security Locks - borasport20
This is a well known and well publicised issue - featured on Watchdog a year or two ago

Go on, get out of the car...
VW Passat 2002 Poor Security Locks - Hamsafar
I have been looking at getting a 2000-2004 Passat during the last week, but they sound like absolute sheds, the internet seems full of raging owners with all manner of different issues and faults that VW couldn't care less about.
Rust, Locks, Ignition Coils, Cambelts Snapping, Rain Water Leaks, Ratlles, Heater matrix failures, diesel engine injection failures, the list seems endless.

Are they really this bad? I'm very interested in this latest issue of being able to open the windows witha screwdriver!
VW Passat 2002 Poor Security Locks - d9ber

I have owned now my second Passat, the previous had water leaks and also premature rusting and from what other people are saying about VW this seems to ring true! On my present car I have acquired since Dec 05 Sport 130TDI the performance is great but unfortunately the security is terrible! In march I had my car broken into, infact all the VWs from 1997+ were done Passats, Boras and golfs, all must have the same locking system. The Police told me they put a screw driver into the driver's lock turn it this causes the windows to drop supposed to be a safety mechanism during an accident! Apart from this I have had no other problems with the present car but I am seriously thinking of changing mine as I have had it broken into on two occasions. There is a funny side to this, it has taken so long for the new door lock barrel to come from VW in Germany from the first time I had my car broken into it is still not fitted, gets fitted next week, just as well as door damaged again!
VW Passat 2002 Poor Security Locks - Stuartli
>>featured on Watchdog a year or two ago>>

It's actually goes further back than that...:-)



www.saywell.net/leon/faq.html (section 2.6)
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VW Passat 2002 Poor Security Locks - George Porge
The best thing to do is to get rid of the external door locks replacing them with rear handles.

If a scumbag wants to get into any car he will, the harder you make it the more damage he will do.

I've seen rear quarter panels cut open with shears to steal the autochanger from the boot and front doors fitted with extra deadlocks having had the complete window frame bent down flat against the door skin.

When my cars have been parked in my garage I've never locked the doors, if they take the radio a £100 and 10 minutes fit another one is better than £100s or £1000s in proffesional body repairs.

If they want it they'll have it!
VW Passat 2002 Poor Security Locks - Stuartli
>>cut open with shears >>

It's these toe rags who should be "cut open with shears"....
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VW Passat 2002 Poor Security Locks - bell boy
every vw i buy seems to have had one or other door skins repaired after a break in,i know there is a piece about the sharon? on the window thing but, any car has a weak spot and its unfair to single out vw on this really in my opinion.

dox"s solution sounds good and rear locks should be plentiful in scrappies,maybe a marketing idea here for someone?

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