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We're driving down to the Vendee region in a couple of weeks close to La Rochelle and I've been trying to find the Quickest most direct route irrespective of whether we use toll roads or not.We're leaving from the Tunnel Terminal at Calais.Anybody any suggestions as to the best route planners-we've used tha AA one before but we weren't that confident with it.I think therte's a new M-way opened the A28 to Alencon but the AA guide doesn't put you on to it.Any help hugely appreciated
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I always use this & yes their is an english version as well.
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You can change the details as required.

pmh (was peter)

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Went to the vendee (St Jean du Mont) last year. Sailed into Caen. Used the TomTom all the way!

Went to somewhere just south of La Rochelle, ( Royan - Charent Maritme) and used the AA route planner for that. (again from Caen,)
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After fiddling around with a lesser planner or two I now always use "via michelin". It can be a pain inputting all the parameters but it's worth the trouble. The timings are close to spot on (just add-in your rest stop times).

There is a new bit of A28 from Rouen down to Alencon which knocks off around an hour from the old N road grind.

Whatever you do I guarantee you'll get lost around Rouen (especially on the return). I've seen just so much of the different outskirts of Rouen in the past couple of years - but have now finally cracked it - I can always find the tunnel on the North side of town now.

Sat Nav ? For whimps!
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I'd go for via michelin too.

As Dulwich says the timing is spot on (although you'll be convinced you can do it quicker) and it tells you where the speed cameras are.

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I hear you can virtually do from Calais to Le Mans on motorway now, except a small piece aropund Rouen which can get snarled in rush hours. This is Good News as the 24 hour is in a few weeks - and I can't wait! :-)

I generally use for routing.
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"except a small piece aropund Rouen which can get snarled in rush hours"
And even that has been much improved in last couple of years - only a very small section over the Seine is non dual carriageway. New motorway from just south of Rouen to Alencon is a fantastic improvement on the old road.

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