Citroen Saxo Rear Axle Beam Fault - Highway
My wife's 2001 Citroen Saxo 1.4 Desire has just been serviced and the local Citroen dealer says that the car is not fit to drive as it has severely worn rear axle beam bushes and the rear wheels are rubbing on the inner wheel arches.

I had advised another Citroen dealer at services in the last two years that there was a banging noise from time to time from the rear of the vehicle, they suspected a loose tailgate but never rectified the problem which got gradually worse.

What concerns me and the mechanics is that the car has had very light use (20,000 miles since August 2001) is never driven above 50 mph and has been garaged overnight.

Is there any known issue with Citroen and do I have any recall on them?

Citroen Saxo Rear Axle Beam Fault - bell boy
you can certainly try as these should last about 100,000 miles unless its used down farmyard tracks.
If it was mine i would have a low mileage replacement fitted from a breaker (about £75 complete) and have it fitted by my local independant garage
i dont know of any issues with this axle
Citroen Saxo Rear Axle Beam Fault - blue_haddock
I very much doubt you will get anything from a dealer towards the rear beam as lots of peugeots and citroens suffer from the rear axle bushes going - it usually involves a full overhaul of the axle which is pretty time consuming.
Citroen Saxo Rear Axle Beam Fault - 659FBE
These torsion bar trailing arm systems contain needle roller bearings which break/rust when the water seals fail. Rebuilding is very awkward without special extractors, although the bearing kits are cheap. There are, however several engineering firms who will sell an exchange axle assembly. Well worth a look on Google.


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