Peugeot 406 Squeal - Sanch
I have a 98'406 that squeals like a piggy when cold. It lasts for a minute or so then stops but if I move the steering wheel at all it starts again for a few seconds. This eventually goes away after about 5mins driving. I had the altenator/power seering belt changed last week but far from fixing the problem it has made it worse. The squealing now last longer and happens more often. Any idea?
406 Squeal - Collos25
drive belt slack
406 Squeal - markengland
I agree, belt needs tightening.
406 Squeal - gsb
If you put the steering on full lock when stationary is the squeal worse or more consistent. If so could be the power steering pump bearing. Sounds like the same problem I had.I took a chance and bought a second hand one off ebay.
406 Squeal - Sanch
Thanks for the quick response folks.
Yes its more pronounced when the steerings on full lock. I'll try tightening the belt first and see how it sounds. The Haynes manual makes the power steering pump change out sound relatively simple..Would there be anything tricky to watch out for?
406 Squeal - Dynamic Dave
If the belt has been slipping for a while then no amount of tightening will cure it as the surfaces will be glazed. Best to change the belt if that's the case, or at the very least get the old belt dressed by having the contact surfaces roughened up.
406 Squeal - Sanch
Thanks for the response DD but the belt was changed out last week by the main dealer while I was getting the Timing belt done.
I begining to think the problem might be with the pump..two belts same result?
406 Squeal - Dynamic Dave
Thanks for the response DD but the belt was changed out last week ....

Ah ha! That'll be the problem then. New belts stretch after they've been fitted (or at least they did when I last changed one) - cambelts excepted. Just needs tightening up now that the the initial bedding in period is out the way.
406 Squeal - Sanch
Thats good to hear.I'll try it out and get back with the results.
Thanks again

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