Mk2 Golf clutch problem? - russ28

I have a 1989 Mk2 Golf 1272cc with 71k miles. Generally speaking it is in immaculate condition but two things are really beginning to bug me about this car.

Firstly - when starting off in first gear there is a slight rattle / clunking sound that comes from the engine bay area. The noise only lasts a second or two until the clutch is fully released and the car is moving. The noise is also noticeably worse when the clutch is under more strain (such as hill starts or full passenger loads). One thing I can't understand is that if I slightly ride the clutch when starting off and give the car plenty of revs the noise is almost non-existant. Of course, I don't fancy destroying my clutch and would like to fix this problem asap.

My other problem is that when the car is idling, a very faint 'worn bearing' sound is noticeable from behind the dashboard. The noise disappears when I depress the clutch. Is this the start of end of my gearbox??!!

Any help to at least point me in the right direction of diagonsis of these problems would be greatly appreciated!!


Mk2 Golf clutch problem? - Civic8
I would check engine/gearbox mountings,noise could be clutch release bearing?
Mk2 Golf clutch problem? - 659FBE
Engine mountings are an obvious first place to look, but a noise which disappears when the clutch is depressed is almost certainly caused by the gearbox first motion shaft bearings. This is generally not a serious problem unless they become noisy under load, but it would be wise to check the gearbox oil level.

Mk2 Golf clutch problem? - sierraman
A noise which disappears when the clutch is depressed is more commonly caused by a worn release bearing.
Mk2 Golf clutch problem? - dollygolfmids
clutch release bearing dude. the gearbox is easy to take out as theres so much room. but if i was gonna do that id probably replace the clutch/friction plate and release bearing neways.
Mk2 Golf clutch problem? - welderjames
Have same problem with my van,turned out to be clutch fluid getting on to clutch plate,sorted the fluid problem,but now the cluch plate is worn/ still judders but i have learned to live with it(for over two years)was waiting for clutch to need replacing,and sort it then,but clutch still strong...

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