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Peugeot 306 Wiper Relay - Chaz
Can anybody tell me where the front windscreen wiper relay is located on a 1996 (The early type 306s) Peugeot 306. The wipers will not park, work on intermittent wipe or autimatically wipe when using the washers. I have checked the wiper switch which is OK.
The fault can't be down to the park switch contacts in the motor itself because it will not auto wipe after washing. I have followed the circuit through from the Haynes Manual but I am unable to find the location of the wiper relay.
If I pull the wiper stalk forward to wash the windscreen I can hear the relay pull in and then switch off after a few seconds of letting go of the stalk. It sounds like it is somewhere behind the dashboard. I have checked the fuse/relay compartmeant above the pedals and it definately isn't one of those as I pulled them all out and you could still here it. It doesn't sound like it is coming from the fuse/relay box under the bonnet, the only relays in there are for the headlights.
Peugeot 306 Wiper Relay - SidK
To get at the relay you have to remove the fusebox cover (in front of the driver's seat). Then you have to remove the fuse panel itself (pull out the red flat bit at the left). This reveals the relay, just. It is to the left of the hole sort-of revealed, the only one there. There is rubbish on the web about the colour of the relay and the car year. It is rubbish. Removal of the relay is hell, use a screwdriver. To shift the fuse panel enough you may have to remove some connectors. Also hell. Better disconnect the battery (if you have the radio code!) or there may be a flash. Replacement of the relay is worse, all touch no vision. Note how the pins are set as you take the relay out, it goes back one way and it is impossible to see how (unless you have a dental mirror).
The relay is much more than a relay. It is based on a U642B integrated circuit. If you can find the Atmel description of this i.c. on the web, the 'relay' circuit is exactly that of Figure 4.1; from left to right of this Figure the pins in the Peugeot are 2 5 1 4 8 6. Incidentally, this tells you how to add a variable time delay. Add a (variable) 10K resistor to the wire from pin 1 (if you can find which this is!).
Peugeot 306 Wiper Relay - SidK
The symptoms reported are unlikely to be the relay. Try the motor. Not difficult to service but the whole unit has to be out of the car. The wires enter through a flat panel held in place by four screws. Removal reveals three fingers which make contact with three circular 'rings'. One is complete. Adjacent, one which is complete except for a slot of perhaps 10 degrees. Finally, one where the 'ring' is only composed of the missing bit on the previous ring. This lot does the parking. If a finger breaks, perhaps by fatigue, it is likely to give a short to earth and the blowing of a 30 amp fuse. I've repaired such a finger using solder paste (but who the hell knows what this is - and if they need just a little can afford it anyhow). But the symptoms described are more likely to arise from the motor itself. The motor has three brushes, the fast and slow wipes operate through different brushes. So, if one speed is missing, look at these (a missing slow wipe takes the delay wipe with it). There are two wires into the motor (the two speeds); before going to their brush, they each pass through a radio interference suppressor circuit (so you can listen with the wipers going). This consists of a tiny yellow capacitor and a couple of wire-wound inductances in series. I suspect that it is the weight of the inductances coupled with vibration from the motor, but the solder link between an inductor and the invisible underneath of a printed circuit board is prone to fatigue and break. This gives the one-speed symptoms reported. Ignore the printed circuit board and solder a wire directly. Solder paste helps here. too.
Peugeot 306 Wiper Relay - robbie1980

Hi All,

I have the same issue on my 1999V 306 1.8XS 16v.

When the wipers try to park they you hear several relay clicks and judder to the park position or sometimes stop.

I noticed when i unplugged the rain sensor the wipers don't try to park and you hear no clicks. Why is this?

I took the wiper motor and linkage out yeserday and yes, drain hole was blocked but dont this is cause as still does it now!

I was a bit worried about splitting the motor off and was unsure what to do inside. You mention 3 brushes. How will i know if one is faulty and can i repair it myself?

I took the 4 screws off the other end of the motor and could see the 3 fingers you mention and nothing seemed broken there.

I dont mind taking it out again, but wondered if you could give some advice as to whether the motor can be repaired/what to look for.



Peugeot 306 Wiper Relay - FP

I have run into this kind of problem on two 306s. I believe it's well-known issue. In both cases the advice from this forum and from my trusted indie was to try swapping the whole wiper motor rather than fiddle about with whatever malfunction inside it was causing the problem.

In both cases it worked.

Peugeot 306 Wiper Relay - Simbadog

does this relay look afetr the indicators? My hazzards work but not the indicators. My flasher can screams when I put my indicators on. I have tried all the bulbs, flasher can and indicator stalk replecement. I don't know where else to look.

can anybody help


Peugeot 306 Wiper Relay - Stewart9

Well people, I have had and still the got this problem too with my 01 306, I have put a new (brand new) wiper motor in, a new relay and still didnt fix the problem ie no intermitent or fast wipe or one swipe. The only thing left to do in my opinion is a new stalk as I tried a second hand one and that didnt work either, after that I'm stumpted.

Peugeot 306 Wiper Relay - doner

Well people, I have had and still the got this problem too with my 01 306, I have put a new (brand new) wiper motor in, a new relay and still didnt fix the problem ie no intermitent or fast wipe or one swipe. The only thing left to do in my opinion is a new stalk as I tried a second hand one and that didnt work either, after that I'm stumpted.

Hi Stewart, am experiencing same problem and have tried all above, wondered if it was anything to do with rain sensor disconnected. If you've had any luck since would love to hear.


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