Vectra cooling system - hefty
In order to drain the cooling system on a 99 Vectra via the radiator bottom hose, is there anyway this can be done without having to remove the battery and it's tray? The hose is in good condition with the original spring type hose clip. Thanks.
Vectra cooling system - wemyss
Did mine on a 98 Vectra TDI a couple of years ago and found it impractical to get to the bottom rad hose. Perhaps a bit different on the petrol but even up on the ramps with the engine cover dropped I couldnt even get near it
A mate up the road an ex VX mechanic came down and he said they always drained and flushed through the top hose.
We did this and it was a easy and succesful job.
As said previously mine is a diesel so could be different.
I think we also disconnected another small hose somewhere near the top of the engine.


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