any advice on car seat covers? - x-trailed
Having recently written off my much loved Xantia TD Estate (raining cats n dogs, wet leaves etc)I've taken the plunge and spent my hard-earned on a used 2.2 dci X-Trail,mainly due to the positive comments from this forum.One of the few drawbacks I've noted are that the interior/seats mark easily.Given I have the obligatory two kids and dog to haul around can anyone recommend any decent fitting car seat covers? I'm after a set that are tailored to fit properly and can accomodate the side air bags.....
any advice on car seat covers? - Vansboy
Do Nissan offer the weatherproof ones, like waxed jacket material, as a 'part number'?

Get them to do you a trade discount, if you had the car from them.

One thing to consider, is if you've airbags in the seats, it might compromise these, if you unlucky enough to have another bump.

any advice on car seat covers? - turbo11
I have struggled to find any that allow for seat mounted side air bags.Tried all the usual motor factors to no avail.
any advice on car seat covers? - x-trailed
Thanks for the hints, i've struggled to find any that accomodate the side airbags too. I know covers aren't in vogue anymore but they used to do a god job of protecting the cars interior against the family.

Speaking of buying from the dealer..I went private as the local dealer didn't seem that interested even though I needed to buy. Maybe I should have worn a suit..

Gawd knows what they would have been like if I had had a problem...........
any advice on car seat covers? - Dynamic Dave
LIDL had some seat covers in one of their twice weekly offers a little while ago (Mon 31/10/05). IIRC, they could be used on seats with side air bags.
any advice on car seat covers? - No FM2R
TRy a surf/windsurf shop. That's where I got my excellent ones about 7 years ago and they're still going strong.

I wouldn't say that they were tailored to fit, but they're ok and secure.
any advice on car seat covers? - Aprilia
Try a specialist car trimmer.

I have had custom-made seat covers from this guy:

Car Cover
135 Wand St, , Leicester
Phone 0116-268 1445

He works out of a little shop in the back sreets of Leicester. He seems to have templates for virtually all popular cars (+ Mercs etc) and a vast range of materials to choose from. Not too dear either - about the price of a set of 'premium' ready-made covers. He includes head-rest covers etc and they fit very well indeed.

There are probably similar outfits in most big towns.
any advice on car seat covers? - x-trailed
Thanks all,just found these on ebay....item no. 8009743727

Look like just the job.Their website is

Doesn't seem too bad a price either

Value my car