Catalytic Converter Audi A4 110 TDI - john hill
I own a Audi A4 110 TDI, wghich I purchased new on 1/8/98. To date the catalytic converter has been replaced twice. The present one is now defective and needs replaced, (the car has been serviced by Audi from new and has covered 68,000 miles).

When the last one was fitted by the Audi dealer( Sept 99) I was informed that the part had a 3 year waranty. When thisone began to rattle I contacted the dealer and was told that there was no waranty on this part.

I have contacted Audi stating my disapointment at the life span of this expencive part (£240 + VAT). They informed that this was normal for a catalaytic converter as it was a wearable part.

Please can you confirm if this normal for this part to have such a short life?
If not, what would you think a reasonable time for a catalytic converter.
Re: Catalytic Converter Audi A4 110 TDI - Honest John
See car by car breakdown. This cat is situated at the end of the exhaust manifold. There was a problem with the welds holding the cat matrix in place melting and giving way, but it was supposed to have been sorted out by 1999. Could be that your cat has twice been replaced by cats that were old stock.

Catalytic Converter Audi A4 110 TDI - David Lacey
My 1997 60K A4TDi110 has recently had a cat change due to a rattle from the absolute pig of a job!
Re: Catalytic Converter Audi A4 110 TDI - El Dingo (Martin)

I'm surprised that a genuine Audi cat is so cheap at £240 + VAT.
Audi parts can be surpisingly expensive on one hand and incredibly cheap on the other. For example:
- headlamp glass A4 = £17.00 (specialist = £35.00)
- timing belt kit incl. tensioner and idler A4 = £240.00 (specialist = £90.00)
- brake disc A80 = £18.00 (specialist = £56.00)
- brake pads A80 = £55.00 (specialist = £35.00)

It pays to shop around!

Re: Catalytic Converter Audi A4 110 TDI - David Lacey
It is an exchange cat (The old one goes back to Audi, the new one's part number is suffixed by an X denoting exchange, IIRC.
Re: Catalytic Converter Audi A4 110 TDI - JohnM
My pool car 98S A4 110TDI's catalyst rattled and failed at approx 62K (just before the car was being replaced). Audi dealer reckoned there was a 50/50
chance that the replacement would not be simple, due to seized studs in the manifold.
However, my own 97R Passat 110 is still ok at 120k (touch wood...!)

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