Renault Clio 1.4RT 98> - biggz
been having intermittant problem for far too long now, i'll explain:
My clio 1.4RT runs fine, starts fine, all ECU sensors fine. However if you go out for a run and the engine gets hot, then you sit on low idle for a while (for example sitting in a queue for a car park, far to often where I live) the ECU "dumps" its throttle setting and starts to Idle at 1400rpm. It stays like this until you blip the throttle where it sometimes clears and returns to 800. Sometimes it takes as long as 5 mins to clear and all this time the engine is getting very hot and the fans going nuts! My diagnostics cant find anything when its running ok, and I havent been able to get the fault to occur when i've got my laptop to hand. Any ideas as to what could be casuing this???


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