Pug106 Brakes Seizure - ChrisR
A friend of mine was on the way to work yesterday and a front brake seized on as she slowed for a roundabout. The car slewed round, but didn't hit anything. Nothing hit her either, thankfully. When she tried to move the car again the brakes were fine. But she took it to an MOT testing garage and had them take a look. They said rusty disks (the car had been standing three weeks over Christmas. Does this sound plausible, or is she at risk?

Re: Pug106 Brakes Seizure - mike harvey
It does sound plausable to me. Brakes can grab really hard with a little suface rust, and if the road surface was uneven, tyre pressure or pattern odd, it could easily pull one way. She did the right thing having it tested. Give it a couple of good hard 'controlled' stops on a clear road, and if it pulls up straight, it should be oK. If you have any doubts, get an expert to thoroughly inspect the brakes. Safety first and all that.
Re: Pug106 Brakes Seizure - Mark (Brazil)
Actually I was always leaving my car in airport carparks for extended periods of time and often had this issue.

I found it best solved by gentle braking - i.s. drive along a safe piece of road with the handbrake slightly on, or the foot brake slightly on. When they felt somewhat more normal that was the time for the strong braking to check.

Re: Pug106 Brakes Seizure - ChrisR
Thanks folks. She's very sensible about her car - hence the immediate check - but was understandably a bit shaken by what happened. I'll let her know what you've said, which should reassure her that it's unlikely to happen again. I wonder if small cars, with their shorter wheelbase and lighter weight, are more prone to spinning in these situations.


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