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Does using the DVLA website to report an untaxed car actually work?

There's a car near me which is used every day whose tax ran out at the end of May. I've reported it twice over the past fortnight to the DVLA website now and nothing appears to have happened.

Of course, the car may well be registered at a different address, but surely something could be done about it.
Reporting untaxed cars to DVLA - drbe
Report it to your local council as abandoned. it worked for me, the first thing they asked was "Is it taxed"
Reporting untaxed cars to DVLA - Armitage Shanks {p}
Reporting them to DVLA has never produced any results so far as I know but, if a vehicle is just on the road and not in use, it might have had SORN declared on it. How could one tell? Try visiting - you can report almost anything there
Reporting untaxed cars to DVLA - Galaxy
You can find out whether SORN has been declared from the DVLA's own website.

Follow the link for "Vehicle Enquiry"; it doesn't cost anything, and the only information you need is the manufacturers name and vehicle registration number.
Reporting untaxed cars to DVLA - Dynamic Dave

I shortened the extralong url as it was screwing up the page width. However, through no fault of mine, the DVLA link says that the page has timed out.
Reporting untaxed cars to DVLA - Stargazer {P}

If a car has been SORNed then it should not even be parked on the road, let alone used every day (see OP).

Reporting untaxed cars to DVLA - Armitage Shanks {p}
Thanks stargazer. I used the link for vehicle enquiry for a particular car in my village with the tax 2 months out of date and, from what I could understand of the official language it said that the tax expired at the end of April 05 (true) but that SORN was not due. How do they work that out? If it isn't taxed and isn't SORNd then what goes on? It actually has 2 flat tyres so I shall report it to my local council as untaxed and abandoned and maybe they'll take it away and crush it.
Reporting untaxed cars to DVLA - bhoy wonder
There was a car parked on my street thats tax had expired Jan 05 and still being used. I finally had enough and reported it to the dvla at the start of May. It still had no tax by the end of May so I reported it again with where the car is parked and the street number of the flat that the person stayed in. By the 7th if June it had road tax on it. I do not know whether it was a result of me or the boy racer who owns the car finally decided to get it taxed.
UPDATE! - Chicken Madras
Tonight after I noticed that the car in question was still displaying a tax disc which expired at the end of May, I again reported it to the DVLA. This was after I made a complaint to said organisation that they had done nothing after my two previous reports in the last month. Now, I've noticed that the front tyre is a somewhat Duncan Goodhew.

By chance, a rare species appeared in the neighbourhood tonight - a policeman. I flagged him down and asked how I should report the car. Unfortunately, only a few minutes earlier, it had been driven off. Anyway, the policeman told me that it could take up to three months for the DVLA to investigate. THREE MONTHS? I was appalled. He also said that if the Boys in Blue report a car, it can take ONE MONTH for them to respond.

Clearly this makes an utter mockery of the ads which the DVLA transmit about "being able to find you". Are ANPR devices subject to the same ridiculous restrictions from Swansea?

I give up. My tax expires at the end of August. Does this mean I have 1-3 months grace to get it replaced? Why do we bother?

I'm only concerned about this car because I believe that if, as my policeman friend confirmed, it's not taxed, it's unlikely to be insured. The family in question have three young children. If a front tyre is scrubbed away, what condition is the rest of the car in? What danger is the driver putting his children, and the other children and members of the local population in?

Deep breath in, breathe out... Calm down...
UPDATE! - Stuartli
I've found that reporting an untaxed vehicle direct to the DVLA via its e-mail service (I have a neighbour who used to think it's his right to use up to three vehicles without tax, insurance or MOT) gets very quick results.

The neighbour in question, after being caught out two or three times, now has three vehicles properly taxed, insured and with MOTs.

I think that the improved methods of catching such people out also plays a role; it's very galling when those who pay out all their motoring dues see someone getting away with such practices.
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UPDATE! - Stuartli

I've never reported the neighbour behind his back. Initially I had to fill in a form which included my name and address, a copy of which was sent to him.

I had warned him in advance that if he didn't do the right thing within a week to 10 days I would report the matter; later I just did it via the e-mail service and he'll never know if it was me or someone else...:-)
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UPDATE! - Robin Reliant
Some months ago I saw a car parked in a nearby village on the main road with the words "No Tax Disc" inscribed on the grimey bodywork in large letters.

Whoever did this had the effect of frightening the owner into going legit, because when I saw it again a week later it had a fresh ticket on the windscreen.
UPDATE! - NickCa
I have had some recent experience of this.

My wife forgot to tax her car (totally honest mistake: new baby etc.). The disc expired at the end of May and it wasn't until the 2nd week of July that I noticed that the tax was out of date. We expected that, considering the recent publicity, we would get a fine. We phoned the DVLA and they said that we should get a tax disc asap and pay the missing month to our local DVLA office. We did this and appear not to have had any penalty.

It therefore appears that the system does give you some grace.

Reporting untaxed cars to DVLA - tomandjerry56
i reported a car in our street that had no tax and about a week later he had it taxed and now he gets his tax on time in my opion it worked for me
As Margaret Thatcher once said... - Chicken Madras

The offending driver was seen this morning changing his front, extremely Duncan Goodhew-like front tyre. Things got better when on coming home from work at lunchtime, SWMBO informed me that there's also a shiny new tax disc displayed on the car's windscreen, showing 04/06.

So, a result all round. Pulled up for no tax and made to pay for the tax he would have paid from 05/05. Done for a bald tyre and no doubt possession of a non-existant MOT and no insurance either.

Justice has finally been done.

As Margaret Thatcher once said... - horatio
How do you know he was pulled over?

Has the car been there every week / day ever since July when this thread started? - that's really appalling. Did you report it untaxed to the local plod? and tell them 3 weeks later it was still here still untaxed?
As Margaret Thatcher once said... - The Lawman
What a splendid lot you all are. I wished you lived in my village, I know I could rely on you to report me to the authorities everytime you thought I had a bald tyre, or my tax was overdue, or a headlight was out.
As Margaret Thatcher once said... - Chicken Madras
My main reason for getting this scrote to pay his dues was insurance. As I discussed with the local plod, no tax usually means no insurance and no MOT. I didn't want to see any of the local kids injured or worse by being knocked over by an unroadworthy car. They do play in the road (albeit a quiet-ish cul-de-sac) here generally though reasons of stupidity rather than necessity.

Another reason for posting this issue on here was to show that the DVLA's "We know where you are" campaign seemed to be rather ambitious.
As Margaret Thatcher once said... - The Lawman
The campaign is probably no more effective than the TV licence campaigns. Am I right in thinking that the whole TV detector van thing is a myth, and that they actually target addresses where they know there is no TV licence? I have read more than one story in the papers about people who do not own a TV. The licencing authority seem to find it impossible to accept that some people can survive without a telly, and simply refuse to believe they are telling the truth. One bloke said he had received a threatening letter on a monthly basis for over two years!

I too resent paying my share of things (like road tax) when some others do not do so. The logic is that it drives the price up for the rest of us, but thinking about it, I doubt that is true. If DVLA somehow found a way to eradicate all avoidance, how many of you would be prepared to bet that the cost of a tax disc would go down?

As Margaret Thatcher once said... - Stuartli
>>The logic is that it drives the price up for the rest of us, but thinking about it, I doubt that is true.>>

It's your logic that seems a little askew.

The Government (Treasury) will assess how much tax would be raised from the number of vehicles on the road on an annual basis - it's the DVLA's task to ensure that figure is met within reasonable allowances.

If the anticipated amount isn't forthcoming then you already know the answer - road tax goes up and the honest and law abiding help bridge the gap caused by those who avoid such minor details.
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As Margaret Thatcher once said... - drbe
What a splendid lot you all are. I wished you lived
in my village, I know I could rely on you to
report me to the authorities everytime you thought I had a
bald tyre, or my tax was overdue, or a headlight was


I assume you are indulging in irony. I consider that given a reasonable time to rectify faults, it is not unreasonable to report the offender to the authorities.

What's wrong with that?

Do you selectively obey laws?

Perhaps you could let us have a list of those laws that you comply with and those that you don't.
As Margaret Thatcher once said... - Chicken Madras
Yes, it had been there every day. I reported it countless times to the DVLA and also mentioned it to the Police.

I assume he was pulled over otherwise why would he have gone to all the trouble of getting a new tyre and tax disc when he's been running illegally since June.
As Margaret Thatcher once said... - horatio
I think where you went wrong is not going on at the police as much as you did the DVLA. If it were me I would have written letters addressed to the chief inspector of the local force asking why despite previous letters and crime report reference numbers dates/times etc this car has still not been issued with a No tax disc penalty notice, and checked for insurance / MOT etc.
As Margaret Thatcher once said... - bell boy
i always use the dvla website to report untaxed cars i check first to see that it hasnt fallen out of the window,go on the website see if its showing as taxed then go to the rac website look for last change of keeper and if it doesnt all match then i report them on line to the dvla,everytime i get a result within 2 weeks and the cars are either taxed or in one case it was removed by the council contractor.Personally i think it comes down to the local area that you live in mines west yorkshire and they seem to have a zero tolerance which is good ,why should i have to tax 3 vehicles per year plus trade plates and other drivers pay nothing it doesnt wash with me

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