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Latest (July) copy of Which? has article in which it says that two major manufacturers have changed the basis of paying dealer bonuses from number of cars sold to results of customer satisfaction surveys. Sounds a good idea at first glance, but as the results come from showroom experience, the charge is that few cars will be sold via on-line brokers as they won't count toward the bonus - one of the manufacturers denies this will be the case. One broker well known to this site is most unhappy...

As per site policy, no names, but Which? will be in your local library shortly!

PS It also has a case where its lawyers succesfully persued a claim that a car was of unsatisfactory quality after its belt tensioner failed at 64k/4 years (service manual recommended 80k).
Which?:Online car sales threat - Happy Blue!
Now your last comment is very interesting. My copy came today, but not got round to reading it yet.
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