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An Appeal 306 XUTD Engine failure - martine1081
A couple of weeks ago a conrod failed in my engine. Car was a peugeot 306 D Turbo P reg (built registered April 1997). It have the DHY code in the engine code.

The car had cover 71K, FDSH until 54K, regulary serviced since I owned it, just had new timing belt.

It happened on the motorway in morning traffic, the result was the car behind was minorly damaged by parts that came out of my engine. the third party has claimed against me.

Churchill have agreed that there was nothing I could do to prevent the incident from occuring and the failure wasn't through a lack of mainteance. My insurance company have informed me that if I can prove/have Peugeot admit it was a mechanical failure the blame would be deflected to them and I would be able to keep my 2 years NCB,(at 65% and insurance due for renewal shortly this means alot) although there will be a claim against me.

The lady at the churchill spoke of another incident where a handbrake cable had snapped on a newish car damageing someone elses, the dealership was contacted by the driver and they admitted there was a fault on this particular car wrt to handbrakes.

I am not getting my hopes up but I am looking for published and reported information that may help me to prove my arguement(newpaper articles, tv programmes etc). Frined have advised me to get in touch with Top gear and watchdog and similar, but i'm not sure how much they can help or how to go about it. I doubt writing to dealerships will help as I am sure they will deny any knowledge of such a thing happening.

Any help would be great


(sorry for rambling)
An Appeal 306 XUTD Engine failure - Downesi1
There is loads of information about this problem both on this forum and over ant Andyspares www.andyspares.com/discussionforum/

lots of people have had the same problem, but I seem to remember that no one as yet have got the PSA group to accept resposibility.
Good luck in your quest.
An Appeal 306 XUTD Engine failure - mare
Have a look here on this very site...


You may want to look on here as well

An Appeal 306 XUTD Engine failure - martine1081

[snip] there was an error in the URL. I have altered it. Mark.

Thanks for the info on the other sites though. I just need to find a way of colating the information in a way that it doesn't sound like a few disgruntled internet users.

I'm trying to get a garage report on what caused my engine failure too.
An Appeal 306 XUTD Engine failure - Dynamic Dave

Trying just the '.co.uk' address works though:-


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