Help ! overheating Vectra - rickt
Just renewed brake pipes ,front disks on my Vectra after an MOT failure to find it is now overheating. I had also renewed oil and all filters and was fine prior to taking the vehicle off the road for a few days. I took it for a run yesterday and it was overheating as a result of a binding front brake , the disks were in bad shape So I decided to change them today. Now the car overheats and goes to the same mark on the gauge whether I run it on the road or it stands idleing. Any ideas chaps ?. I did remove a pipe from the radiator filler to get at something and then put it back ,so ,if I've caused a air lock , how would I remove it ?
Help ! overheating Vectra - Huw
Does the aircon work? There are two fans - either side of the radiator. The fans are in series so if your cooling fan is gone so is your aircon. I think there is a fuse for them somewhere in a black box, top of the engine 1/3 way back just in front of where your right hand would be when you stand and look under the bonnet.

Sorry I can't be more specific but I don't have a vectra anymore.
Help ! overheating Vectra - rickt
thanks for reply . My R reg Vectra does'nt have aircon , but I will check the radiator fan . This should only come on when the temp reaches a certain degree , am I right ? . I own a Astra turbo and that fan only turns at a certain temperature .Should the Vectra fan be running all the time when the engine is running ? [both are diesels ,by the way , if this should make any difference]. many thanks
Help ! overheating Vectra - Huw
I had a 99 vectra which overheated because teh wire to the cooling fan was damaged. The fan only runs when you get hot. I have a post about it in here
I have to dash out now - good luck
Help ! overheating Vectra - Eccy
Hi all, When you say gets hot,how hot are we talking? My fan won't kick in until the temperature gauge shows 100 degrees. To me that seems very high. None of my previous cars have gone any where near that sort of temp.

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