MOT test and cracked light. - Kingpin
My Punto is due for the MOT soon (2001 model) however one of the rear lights has a crack which I repaired with transparent reinforced gaffer tape, originally to stop the rainwater getting in and collecting in the light unit.
Does anyone know if it will be classed as an MOT failure in it's current state even though the crack is covered up with quite sturdy repair tape? The tape allows the stop light to be visible by the way.
Trying to predict the outcome if I will need to purchase a light unit or find one secondhand. The plastic seems really thin on these Fiat items and the way they stick out prominent from the body on the three door model makes them vulnerable to knocks and scrapes.

MOT test and cracked light. - Rishab C
As long as the lights are the correct colour, it should pass, but if chinks of white light come through on say a red one, it should fail. You can get a pack of coloured transparent tape (orange, red and clear) from the usual places, but probably better putting the £4 towards a new light!
MOT test and cracked light. - Dynamic Dave

Reason for rejection

b. is incomplete, not in good working order or in clean condition, ie so damaged or deteriorated that its function is impaired.

Note: An effective repair (eg lens repair tape etc.) must be assessed on its merits considering security, colour, light output and durability.

MOT test and cracked light. - GrahamF1
Agreed, it's all about function and security.

If it functions exactly as it should do (i.e. the light appears to other road users as it normally would) and no pieces are in danger of falling off, then a repair is perfectly acceptable.

How big is the crack? Will they look closely enough to see it?

My Spitfire recently passed it's MOT with a cracked tailight lens. The crack is about an inch across, but it doesn't affect the function of the light and nothing is in danger of falling off.

I can't say for certain whether he noticed it and decided it was ok, or whether he didn't see it. It is small and in the corner, so my feeling is that he didn't notice it.
MOT test and cracked light. - Kingpin
Thanks a lot for your replies. I am confident now to take a gamble and see what they say about it. The crack was hardly visible but due to letting in water I was forced to bodge it with the tape. Not a major worry but hopefully it will pass without a stickler for the rules making me buy a complete new light assembly.
MOT test and cracked light. - Dynamic Dave
To repair the crack, check out tip 3 in the following post.

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