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Vectra Diesel starting problem - gbn

I have a 1999 vectra 2.0 diesel (X20DTL engine).

Recently, I've had a problem starting from cold in that:

The car will turn over for a second or 2, run for a few seconds and then just stop. Then I have to turn the engine over 6-9 times (10 secs a go) to get it to start. Once started, it's OK.

From warm, it starts OK. Starting it 4-8 hours later is OK.
Vectra Diesel starting problem - gbn

1. It feels like I'm bleeding the fuel system to start it.
2. The fuel filter housing *seems* to have fuel in it, but it's hard to tell.
3. There is power coming from the glow pug control unit (have not checked plugs themselves)
4. Fuel economy or running is not affected in any way, just starting
5. There are no fuel leaks
6. The ECU does not kick into "safe mode"

I have wonderd if fuel is "draining" back into the tank from the fule filter, that would imply a one way valve is nadged (is ther one?) or an air leak (if air can get in, air can get out and running is not affected.

The Haynes manual doesn't help me.

Before I go to a garage and have them change random bits at great expense, I wondered if anyone else has had similar probems or has some ideas for me? Or needs more information?

Worst of all, the girlfriend is not happy about it...

Thanks a lot.
Vectra Diesel starting problem - Cymrogwyllt
More than likely it's the fuel return pipes from the injectors cracking and letting air into the system. VX will probably try and charge for changing injector seals as well but I never changed them. I finally learnt to replace the return pipes every 25k or thereabouts as a preventative measure. btw The local independant charged a fiver for the job.
Vectra Diesel starting problem - Cymrogwyllt
btw. Park facing downhill if possible. It helps.
Vectra Diesel starting problem - gbn
If air can get in, can fuel get out?
Vectra Diesel starting problem - robert
This is a well known problem with this engine. Replace the fuel hoses (rubber coated with fabric) & the problem should go away. Evan a Vauxhall dealer should not charge that much for the job - its a £5 in parts and an hour or so in labour.
Vectra Diesel starting problem - Cymrogwyllt
>>an hour or so in labour

I've seen it done in 5 min on more than one occasion
Vectra Diesel starting problem - gbn
Thanks guys.
I'll take a look tonight or tomorrow before I book it into the local garage. The fuel return pipe is on the front of the engine isn't it?

Have you any idea about why it may be these pipes?

Vectra Diesel starting problem - Cymrogwyllt
Had the same symptoms exactly more than once. Eventually learnt to do the job regardless every 25k or so to save aggro.

If air gets in diesel gets out. normally just a slight seepage dampening the pipes.

The pipes are in the front under the cover that's held on by three screws.
Vectra Diesel starting problem - gbn
Thanks. I've had a look.

Just so I'm clear when I go to the garage... sorry but this is past my technical level...

Is the fuel return pipe a cloth covered one above the metal pipe into each injector (like the other poster)? And they all go back merge into one before going back into the fuel pump?

Does the cloth covered one fracture or is it the metal from the fuel pump back to the tank that goes?

Sorry to be an old granny...

Vectra Diesel starting problem - Cymrogwyllt
Cloth covered is correct. The pipe cracks. The connectors can crack as well but I was lucky there. I've no knowledge of the metal pipe you mention cracking.
Vectra Diesel starting problem - gbn
Thanks guys for your help.

I changed the pipe myself in 20 minutes and looking good so far.

The Vauxhall garage said an hour to 90 mins. Aye right!

Vectra Diesel starting problem - aliveankikin
Yea but did it solve the problem - let us know
Vectra Diesel starting problem - El Cheese
Where were you lot three years ago when this happened to my Vectra. A "well known problem", which included new injector seals. That'll be £300 sir, and diagnosed over the phone without seeing the car.

Solved the problem, but annoying nevertheless. I got fed up with the thing soon after (it had a nasty thirst for oil), and traded it in for a New Astra 2.0 DTi.

Within 2 months, this had the same dicky starting problem. The thing was, the same dealership had no idea what the fault was (under warranty)....until I "reminded" them that they'd cured the same fault on my previous car over the phone for £300 pounds. Strangely enough, it went straight in an they fixed it this time..........

What are the part numbers for when the inevitable happens....btw 32000 miles and still starting okay
Vectra Diesel starting problem - gbn
Yes it did.
It has started first time, every time, every day since Saturday
I was waiting to see.

And I park facing uphill slightly 8-)

Thank for your help.
My wallet says thanks as well...

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