MK3 Golf TDI - Patrick C

Does anyone have any experience of any good independent VW specialists to work on a 'p' reg MK3 Golf TDi in the midlands ?

I bought this car as salvage with 27000 miles only and its currently having the body repaired. My HPI report for the car shows that its on v-car twice and to cut a long story short my research shows no reason why the mileage isnt genuine, as the car has been sitting in a yard somewhere for the best part of a year before i got hold of it. Also i have checked with the vw dealer network who tell me the last time it was serviced was july 98 when it was showing 15000 miles.

Im expecting some wiring faults with the car with the repair work thats being done, but who could diagnose and cure them properly inexpensively and quickly?

Also if anyone knows what mileage or age the cambelt should be done i would be interested to know......

Re: MK3 Golf TDI - Honest John
There's a guy in Leek in Staffordshire in the good garage guide. Ian something.

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Thanks John.
Do you know whether he works with VW's a lot or that he's just good at wiring stuff ?
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Cam Belt.... NOW!!!!
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Is it 40k intervals on the cambelt change then ?
MK3 Golf TDI - David Lacey
Although the cambelt will probably look quite new, it would be wise of you to replace the belt now, as Andrew says.

Then you needn't worry about it for at least another 40K.

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Friend has a Golf GT Tdi just over a year old and has managed to pile 40K on it so far.

Booked in this week at the local VAG dealers for the 40K service and timing belt they said should be changed.

Good on them for a sensible interval but the estimate for service and belt.....a little over £500 sir!

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Value my car