What hybrid car would you recommend for an elderly couple that offers comfort and space?

What car would you suggest for an elderly couple, one is two metres tall and the other has back problems. Preferably used up to £30K, automatic and hybrid as we do low mileage trips, mainly less than 50 miles. We're lost with modern technology!

Asked on 21 March 2023 by Stuart Challinor

Answered by David Ross
Given that space and comfort is a priority for you and your partner, we would suggest the Skoda Superb is ideally suited to your needs. The cabin is spacious and offers a high degree of comfort, and while it does have a lot of modern technology as standard, the Superb has a clear and simple layout that should be easy for you to use. Better still, the Superb is available as a plug-in hybrid with an automatic gearbox, so you will be able to drive short distances on electric power and charge at home if you wish - or simply run it on petrol if that is preferred.
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