Pug 306 Heater 2 hot... - RussLB

Anyone got any ideas about this...I own a June99 T 306 XSi. I've had it about 5 months and have noticed that the heater is always on 'red hot' no matter what setting the dial is on....

Basically, it changes heat with the rev's, can run hot or cold (usually hot) even when it is just 2 notches off the coldest setting (ie it will keepthe car warm at this setting when it's zero degrees outside!). Whenever I have it on the windscreen it seems to have different temp settings to when in the cabin. This is the same whether I have the air con on or not, same with internal circulation or not.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's been to the garage once, where there response was 'turn the heat down'!!! Any ideas, apart from the obvious that something is broke would be great....


Pug 306 Heater too hot?? - David Lacey
I suggest you take it to a garage that wants to help you and not offer stupid advice.


Re: Pug 306 Heater 2 hot... - Mark (Brazil)
only time I ever had a car heater react to the engine revs was when the water/coolant level was rather frighteningly low and I didn't know.
Re: Pug 306 Heater 2 hot... - markymarkn
sorry not to help russ, but i have a question on a similar line...

in my astra (mk2) the two centre dashboard vents only ever blow cold air. All the other vents work fine. They seem to get the air from the same source though, as when I open the centre vents the pressure from the side and other vents reduces.

Is this the same on all astras? or is mine just stupid?


Re: Pug 306 Heater 2 hot... - David Nicholls
all vauxhall's of that era were the same. it was supposeded to be a safety feature, cold air to the face. all vauxhall's fitted with a pollen filter have been made to supply the air at the same temp thru all vents.
i prefer the syatem you have, my old Astra GTE was great for that.
Re: Pug 306 Heater 2 hot... - Brian
I think you will find that the idea is that the cold air on your face keeps you awake.
At least one of my previous cars had this arrangement and I prefer it, can't stand hot air on my face, love it on my feet, though!

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