Should a crack in the screen be repaired by the dealer before I buy this Alfa Romeo 147 Lusso?

Yesterday I took delivery of a 4-year-old Alfa Romeo 147 Lusso. Before buying the vehicle I pointed out to the salesman that it had a windscreen chip which is eye-level on the driver's side, and when it catches the sun is both distracting and aggravating. Also, the bonnet had stone chips and I was assured that both these matters would be rectified. However, when I went to collect the car yesterday I thought they hadn't repaired the windscreen chip. The salesman told me that they repair it with a resin, which in point of fact is now worse than the original chip. I was under the impression that after repair the chip in the windscreen would become invisible.

Am I misguided here? Also, I can still see clearly where all the stone chips were on the bonnet, although they assure me that they were done at the time of the windscreen. Again, am I misguided to think that I shouldn't be able to see these chips? The windscreen of course is my greatest concern; even though the salesman assured me that this is how a repair is done.

Asked on 28 January 2012 by JD, via email

Answered by Honest John
Gorgeous looking car. But it's impossible to invisibly repair bonnet chips without repainting the bonnet. The screen chip is serious. It probably will not pass an MoT, so demand that a new screen is fitted or undo the deal.
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