Catseyes - Richard Hall
Who, if anyone, is responsible for deciding whether roads should have catseyes? I just drove back from North Lincolnshire, and on some stretches of road, virtually all the catseyes were so worn/damaged that they no longer reflected. Is this a policy decision, not to replace them when they wear out? Gave me a nasty moment, when the catseyes suddenly disappeared mid-bend just as there was a car coming the other way with badly adjusted headlights dazzling me. For a short time, I completely lost track of my position on the road (with the reflective white markings being badly worn, covered in salt and mud, and reflecting about as well as a carpet). Could have ended in tears.
Re: Catseyes - pugugly
Local Authority have a statutory duty, they just don't bother (cynic)
Re: Catseyes - ladas are slow
why keep the roads up to standard, when you can be like our local council, and spend £100,000 on a weird bit of sculpture.
Re: Catseyes - Colin M
Surrey Councils haven't cleaned any of their roadsigns for years either. Some look pretty grubby covered in 1/2 inch of green algae.
Re: Catseyes - Peter M.
I fully agree about the filthy roadsigns - sometimes whole areas of the sign peeled off, obviously not maintained for years. Compare them with the signs on the continent.
On the subject of catseyes, has anyone else noticed the new electroluminescent? catseyes, (some on the Salisbury road out of Winchester.) Every fifth catseye seems to be illuminated - you can see them very clearly in your rear view mirror on unlighted stretches of road. Useful in the event of sudden lights failure. I can't figure out if they are self-powered or react to the headlights. Anyone have any info.?

Re: Intelligent road studs - Stuart B
Hello Peter,

Yes we have these on some stretches of roads here in the local area. They are excellent not just white but green red and amber dependant upon road position. On the sections where 100% of the studs are this type it really is an aid in the blackest of nights using solar rechargeable power units.

Take a look at and you will see the options. Unfortunately as the Growler infers there is a speed camera version, harrumph!
Re: Intelligent road studs - Tomo
Can you tell the speed camera version? Might it get somehow obscured?
Re: Catseyes - THe Growler
I bet they keep their speed camera lenses clean.

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