Manufacturer Sites - MPA
So which are the good and bad ones? I'll nominate BMW's as being about as user-friendly as a cornered rat... try ordering a brochure if your house doesn't have a number (mine doesn't) or try the used car search to see some interesting geographical defintions.....

Audi's is OK but the national used car search seems to go mad now and again.
Re: Manufacturer Sites - Colin M
Audi's site is crap. Prices and options for the TT and S3 are wrong in several places and the configurator is clumsy to use. I did them a favour last July and wrote to their marketing director pointing out their errors. Just got a condescending reply back and 6 months later see they have done zip all about it.

As a comparison, try the German Audi site at - much faster, better images, dynamic pricing and a full options code price list when you print out your quote.

Re: Manufacturer Sites - Honest John
If you think manufacturer sites are duff, you want to try the government motoring sites.

Re: Manufacturer Sites - Phil
Yeah I have noticed that all VW group's continental sites are much better than the UK ones. Helps to know a bit of German and you're away.

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