Vectra C oil changes - prm
I've just bought a 2.0 dti, and the oil changes are stated as being done every 30000 miles with long life oil, this seems a long period for a diesel, what are your views on this, as i'm used to changing the oil every 5-6000, and what is the best oil to use? Thanks
Vectra C oil changes - barchettaman
Check the FAQs, HJ has put it all in there.
Vectra C oil changes - oilman
I personally wouldn't leave it that long even with a supa dupa longlife oil. I would use a decent fully synthetic 5w-40 and change every 12000 or 12 months.

Vectra C oil changes - Dynamic Dave
Vectra C oil changes - prm
Thanks all, i'll get it done soon methinks

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