Mk4 Fiesta W washers with prostate prob - pmh
Both front and rear washers simultaneously packed up, but could manage a little dribble if left for 3-4 hours between attempts. The pump sounded fine, and blocked nozzles were eliminated as a problem by splitting the joint in the tube by the bonnet hinge. The alternative of major invasive surgery to achieve access to the pump unit behind the plastic splash guard, probably requiring removal of the offside front wheel, looked an unattractive proposition. So lateral thinking was brought into play. The problem had been precipitated by adding a quantity of Halfords (green) screenwash, which is normally very effective, to a solution of french origin which is very good at dead insect removal in hot weather. I surmised that interaction between the two had created a sludge on the inlet side of the pump/filter. Application of reverse pressure using a foot pump connected to to the rubber feed hose caused bubbles to appear in the filler neck and immediately cleared the problem. So probably a few years left in the old dog yet.

Has anybody else experienced this sludging type of problem? I hope the tip might save somebody a large garage bill for radical salvage work.

PS for anybody under 45 who is feeling a little bemused, dont worry, you may start to understand in a few years if you are unfortunate enough to suffer the same problems.


pmh (was peter)

Mk4 Fiesta W washers with prostate prob - Cliff Pope
Is that the way they do it now Peter? I must tell my doctor, he seems a little out of date.
You presumably flushed out the reservoir having cleared the blockage, or else dislodged sludge will surely find its way back down the pipe sooner or later?
Mk4 Fiesta W washers with prostate prob - pmh
The question is how to flush it out? The reservoir cannot be easily removed or viewed, should I just put a hoze in and allow the reservoir to overfill and rely on the turbulence to clear out the bottom of the reservoir? The filler neck on this car has 2 right angle bends in quick sucession I dont thin a 15mm hosepipe will bend to fit ( I could make another analogy here but will probably get deleted!) . I might try a smaller diameter plastic pipe .
Seems waste of the additive, I think I will wait until it is nearly empty before I try it!

Thanks for the suggestion.


pmh (was peter)

Mk4 Fiesta W washers with prostate prob - Altea Ego

Yes the hosepipe down the nozzle to the bottom and into the sludge then mains pressure will surely stir it all up and out when it overflows.

To overcome the right angled bends - there is some hosepipe around that goes flat when empty?

Or warm the end of the hose in the oven to make it plyable


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