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South African Cars - T lucas
Can the South African based back roomers tell me which of the Japanese brands build in South Africa?Im thinking of the pick-up trucks which look pretty good value with the current Rand/Pound exchange and am tempted to import one to the UK.
Re: South African Cars - John S
Won't SVA approval be a problem, never mind the transport cost and logistics?

Some comment on this in the DT last saturday.


Re: South African Cars - T lucas
SVA no real problem,transport is affordable,just not sure what to buy.
Re: South African Cars - ian (cape town)
I'm out of the office at present, and with the Chrimbo thing, am quite busy.
I'll email you on the 27th/28th with a list of what's about.
Alternately, email me at with a fax number, and I'll fax across a list of what's available, with spec, as well as current prices.
Remember, our vat of 14% can be taken off those for export.
Also, send me a list of your requirements. and I'll speak to friends in the trade, and find out what's good, and what isn't.
at R17.50 to the pound, could be a VERY good investment.
By the way, other backroomers, a BMW 320d, full spec, comes in at R192 500 at present. So the speedo is in km/h... GO FIGURE!
This is for you, HonestJohn! - ian (cape town)
HJ, (and anybody else interested)
email me a fax number and I'll send you a list as well!

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