lexus IS 200 problems - Tony Coote
I have a 00' IS200. Has anyone out there experienced difficulty engageing 2nd gear when cold, that later improves when the car is warm ?
I know that the there is a problem with corrosion of the alloy wheels. I have just had a new set fitted, and, despite regular cleaning, as soon as the roads were salted the wheels started to blister. Is there a way of preventing this without continually changing them under warranty ?
Is it me or are the headlights not very bright ? My 1989 Nissan Micra is better on dipped beam !
Re: lexus IS 200 problems - Moosh
Reference your alloy wheels problem.

A lot of Japanese cars some years ago had problems when the encountered UK conditions. I thought this problem was now solved especially on a Lexus.

I understand a lacquor is available to put on them to prevent pitting. One of the alloy wheel outlets may give you advice on brand etc..
Re: lexus IS 200 problems - Neil Larkins

I also have a 00' W IS200SE and have had a whole list of problems the most annoying of which is a whining gearbox and juddering clutch. In the last year the car has been back to the dealer 6+ times and has had 3 new clutches and virtually every other clutch component replaced but still no improvement. I have also noticed a slight problem with 2nd gear but thought this was linked to my on-going clutch saga. Maybe it is all a gearbox problem ??

I also have a severe knocking from the front shocks which the dealer has been unable to fix. I would be interested to know whether any other owners have had these problems and whether a resolution has been found.

I have not noticed the alloy wheel corrosion though. Sorry none of this helps you but I thought I was the only owner with problems !
Re: lexus IS 200 problems - jud
I am quite surprised to hear of the problems you are having with your Toyota
i had a Carina 11 which was the first car i had which was paint finished perfect! .Reliability was also 100% in 5 years and 45k miles,
However i did have a intermittent clutch judder which would happen at the most inconvenient times , mainly setting off from stand still , it never happened often enough to bring the problem to the dealer and the only way to sort it was to dip the clutch rev and try again.
On the subject of corroding alloys i had a Primera for four years and the alloys were like new (touched up as require) with no treatment apart from washing.
In contrast the Audi A4 Quattro i have at present which has had a rear wheel changed due to salt corrosion(after only last winter) ,the area of corrosion was only about 6mm in diameter but like i said to dealer once its under the lacquer it spreads like a web. The place the salt had got through was on a horizontal plane. I have done two things to try to prevent it this year , applied a coat of wonderwheel polish a more regular washing or at lest hosing.
I have also had a headlamp fail on the Audi(don't laugh) in contrast with 12years with one Carina & two primeras i never had to change a bulb.
Dont get the impression i'm not happy the the A4 it is a car of very high Quality
but not worth twice the price of a Nissan
Re: lexus IS 200 problems - T lucas
I have been using an Altezza which is a Japanese IS200,only for 3months but have done nearly 6000 miles and can honestly say i'm very impresed with it and everybody that sees it seems to like it.It drives very well and everything works just perfectly.Its an RS-Z,6 speeds and big spoiler kit and i quite like it.
Re: lexus IS 200 problems - Keith
Most cars I have had have problems with second gear when it is very cold. Then it is ok when the car is warm. I have found that taking the revs to 3000 before changing to second improves things. But I think the whole thing is pretty normal in cold weather. My Toyota MR2 was the same with 40k on the clock.
Re: lexus IS 200 problems - Honest John
Keith raises a useful point which had me thinking back to a 105 Series Alfa I ran in the seventies. With that car you couldn't use 2nd until the box was warm.


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