Anti-Gatso Ploy.. - Peter M.
Followed a Focus home from work today - the back of the car was completely covered with black dirt, absolutely no sign of the number plate lettering. The driver would probably have been able to explain to the police, if stopped, that 'it was clean when I started out, officer', - except that the light clusters were beautifully clean...
Re: Anti-Gatso Ploy.. - ian (cape town)
Did I read somewhere that motorcycle chain lube has certain light-changing properties when sprayed on numberplates.
Re: Anti-Gatso Ploy.. - Phil Dando
My motorcycle chain lube has "light-changing properties" alright :- no light whatsoever gets through it ;-) It's the thickest, stickiest gloop known to man!

Spray that on a plate and you'll be lucky if the lettering ever sees the light of day again.

Cheers, Phil

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