Trailer breaks free!! - Hugo {P}
Today a funny thing happened.

Whilst reversing Land Rover and trailer into the drive, the trailer detached itself and parked itself in the drive!

No damage or injury fortunately but I want to get to the bottom of this.

I thought that with these modern ball hitch arrangement this couldn't happen. The ball on the vehicle is a 50mm dia and undamaged and the mechanism on the trailer (that looks like it was on a caravan at some stage) seems to work OK.

Could a replacement of the trailer hitch be due?

Oh, and does anyone know the correct connections for the trailer electrics? the cable ripped out of the plug and needs reconnecting.


Trailer breaks free!! - PhilW
For connections look on this site under "electrics", then "exterior lighting".
Can't imagine why or how the trailer detached itself unless (as has happened to me) something (a bit of gravel?) got into the hitch and prevented it "clicking" on properly. Are you sure you did "click it" fully? Did it happen after a long tow or did you just hitch it on to put it in the drive?
Trailer breaks free!! - PhilW
By the way, No 1 yellow is LH indicator and No 4 green is rH indicator, No 5 is RH tail, and 7 LH tail and number palte.
This might be a better link
Trailer breaks free!! - Hugo {P}
Thanks Phil

I'll have a look at those links.

You may be right with the gravel. I have been carrying a lot of 20mm to dust in it. I am underpinning the house at the moment and will have used around 20 tonnes. Unfortunately I can't cope with having more that a few tonnes delivered at once, which does not make it economic when I have an account with a quarry and can collect it for £12 per tonne plus vat.

Hence I need to keep abusing it!

Trailer breaks free!! - PhilW
Sounds like the grease in the tow hitch might have picked up enough dust to stop it locking on properly - and if you have been hitching up quickly and often may not have noticed. Happened to me once - wife is very particular about nose weight, and after we had hitched up she insisted I checked again so i did - lifting hitch off - testing on bathroom scales - then dropped hitch, removed scales and drove off without "clicking". 100 yards from home, caravan came off, luckily the safety chain stopped it.........2 inches from side of a brand new MB. I always check it at least 6 times now......and my wife makes me check it another 6 times despite the fact that it is at least 10 years since it came off!!
Trailer breaks free!! - defender
hugo this has also happened to me and I couldnt find the cause but after the second time I replaced the hitch on the trailer.other options are a hitch lock if it can be fitted or if its an old style handle some of them had a hole you could put a long padlock on to stop the handle lifting

ps .you are supposed to have a safety chain which pulls on the trailer brakes if it comes of the towing vehicle if the trailer is over 750kgs
Trailer breaks free!! - David Horn
Did the emergency brakes come on when the trailer detached from the car?

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