1995 XRDT Disabling the alarm ? - zeb

I've got a 306XRDT (1995 on an M) and need to disable the alarm to fit a replacement alternator.

Both the handbook and Haynes manual show that there should be a keyswitch under the bonnet to disable the alarm. The trouble is I've searched everywhere and can't find it !!! I haven't got a 'dedicated key', either.

When I disconnect the negative battery terminal the alarm starts sounding and I can only get it to stop by reconnecting the battery and turning the ignition on

Anyone know how I can disable the alarm to carry out the repair or how long the alarm will sound after disconnecting the battery?

Many thanks in advance,


PS. Otherwise it's over to the garage so they can have the hassle !!!

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Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - BobbyG
IIRC my dad's 306 did have a keyswitch in the bonnet area near the front of the engine bay next to the radiator. Of course thats no good if you don't have the key!
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - zeb
That's just it - I've looked high and low and can't find the keyswitch (and like you say I haven't got the key, anyway !!!).

The handbook shows that it's behind the left headlight and the Haynes manual states that it's behind the right headlight.

I spent about 30mins looking for it yesterday and even trying to trace the alarm cables with an alarm and torch (didn't have the car on the ramps) I couldn't work out where the switch was.

I'm positive that there isn't one :-)

It's gonna make changing the alternator interesting !!! Will call the local Peugeot dealer tomorrow to see if they can offer any suggestions (that's if they'll tell me anything for security reasons :-).

Many thanks,

Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - Adam {P}
I have no ideas when it comes to Peugeots (I have no idea when it comes to any other makes either!) but what happens when the alarm sounds and you turn the key in the door?

On Fords, that would disable the alarm.
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - zeb
I've no idea !!! The car is at my parents at the moment as that's where I'll be carrying out the work.

It seems like the alarm has a built-in backup battery so when it looses power it starts sounding and won't shut up until the battery is reconnected and the ignition switched on.

There must be some way of shutting it up - short of baffling it as much as possible until the battery runs down !!!

Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - Adam {P}
Find the backup battery and...steal it! Or rip the wires out of the sounder!

Not very helpful am I?!!
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - zeb
Not particularly :-)

The problem is that it appears to be one sealed unit (backup battery and sounder) and we'd like it to work after the alternator's fixed !!!

Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - Adam {P}
There's someone on here called ShereKhan and he posted very recently. He's had a problem with is 306 alarm recently. I'm sure when he sees the thread title he'll be along with some help..

Good luck,
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - Dynamic Dave
There's someone on here called ShereKhan and he posted very recently.

Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - Peter D
If all else fails use a low current 12v source perhaps via the cigarette lighter and keep the system live. You are only advised to disconnect the battery for safety when disconnecting the live feed on the alternator. If you have a low current i.e. 100 ma's max connected then the alarm will stay off and a potential short won't do any harm. Even a 9V PP3 battery may well keep the alarm muted. Dont forget to turn the interior lights off so you do not kill the battery when you open the door. Regards Peter
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - solara
I have had a similar problem in the past, when disconnecting the battery. However, I found that even if you switch the alarm off via the engine bonnet switch it still triggers the alarm sounder on disconnecting the battery.

I usually get the alarm to shut up by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery a few times, until it shuts up. I know its a bit intermittent, but it works for me.
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - ShereKhan

As you have a phase 1 306, I would also expect to see a keyswitch. It sounds as though if someone else has been in the same situation as you before. They may may have ripped out the wiring for the keyswitch.

On my phase 3 306 (also applies to phase 1). There is an alarm sounder under the F/N/S panel that links the bumper to the wheel arch. There are three bolts. Under here you will see an alarm sounder (phase 1 sounders are white - or dirty white due to its age!) You can simply disconnect this with the battery connected. The sounder may sound for a short while, so I suggest you wear some ear defenders whilst removing the sounder. If you then wrap the sounder in a thick blanket you can then muffle the sound.

This will allow you to replace the alternator and give your neighbours some peace and quiet.

I recommend that you don't leave the sounder off the car for too long as the internal battery will be dead and the alarm system may have difficulties charging the sounder battery. By the way this is an expensive part from Peugeot, and most scrapyards never seem to have this item.

306 2.0 SE Cabriolet
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - zeb
Would it be possible for someone who has one of these mysterious switches to post an image somewhere ??? I'm positive that I'm not going mad and completely overlooking it but that is, afterall, my own opinion !!!

Many thanks,

Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - solara
If it helps, the keyswitch is next to the battery, fixed to a metal bracket.
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - zeb
Oh no it's not !!!

Have just spoken to our local Peugeot dealer and they've given me something to try. If it works I'll post it here to save other people's sanity. If it doesn't, I'll go and hit him round the head when I collect the replacement alternator !!! :-)

Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - zeb

just to update you on my progress - not fairing well !!!

After speaking to the guy at our Peugeot dealer he stated that the newer alarms don't have the mysterious keyswitch under the bonnet and the 306 may have had a replacement alarm at some point in which case the switch would have been removed - looks like that's the case.

I've tried the procedure he suggested:

o Deadlock the doors using the plip so the alarm is set
o Unlock the door with the key (not the plip)
o Open door (at which point the alarm will sound)
o Turn ignition to on and press ultrasonic disable button on steering column within 10 seconds

Needless to say, this didn't help to disable the alarm - it turns out that he's just given me the procedure on how to deactivate the alarm should the plip decide not to work !!!

Another procedure that was suggested by a different mechanic:

o Open window (just in case the central locking activates
o Turn ignition to accessories
o Disconnect battery

This didn't work either !!!

I've found a third alternative which I'll be trying tomorrow...

Watch this space,


Have tried two methods and neither work
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - solara
have you tried my method of connecting/disconnecting the battery several times, until it silences? I do it with the doors unlocked and alarm disabled.
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - zeb
Yeah, I've tried everything !!! I tried connecting / disconnecting multiple times but once it was activated it wouldn't shut up !!!

The other option that I found was hidden in the reference section of the Haynes manual:

o Switch the ignition on
o Within 10 seconds press and hold the ultrasonic enable / disable switch for around two seconds
o The alarm indicator will flash rapidly for three seconds
o The alarm is disabled

Needless to say it didn't work on this one !!!

When I collected the alternator today, I was told that there was no way of completely disabling it !!!

I therefore muffled the alarm, disconnected the battery, disconnected the alternator, insulated the connectors, reconnected the battery and then reset the alarm.

As the alarm was muffled it wasn't too bad and as it's only two connectors it didn't take too long. I reversed this when reconnecting the new alternator.

The job's done and it seems to work !!!

Thanks for all your suggestions. If anyone has a different sequence then I may well try it in case there's another time I need to disconnect the battery !!!


Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - richie1309
Hi Neil,

Im on my second phase 2 306 i replaced the aternator on the first and have worked on both with the battery disconnected with no alarm issues what so ever...
Unlock the car with the plip so the alarm is disarmed.
disconnect the neg terminal
replace, poke, prod, bend twist as required int this case remove and re-fit the alternator
insert the ignition key and turn to the ignition on position
reconnect the battery
turn ignition off
remove ket shut doors bonnet etc
lock and alarm with pip

Job done
I know if you reconnect the neg terminal with out the ignition switched to on the alarm will arm itself and go off as soon as the first trigger is triggered but it should not arm or go off while working on the car as long as the alarm was disarmed when the battery was disconnected and when ever it reconnected the ignition is switched on.

hope this helps
Disabling the alarm on a Peugeot 306 - Dynamic Dave
hope this helps

Yes, hopefully it will be of help to someone.

Neil however had the problem over 4 yrs ago and hasn't returned since posting this question.