Towing and Fun - Max
Any recommenddations for a car that can tow a smallish trailer and is fun to drive when not towing? Costing up to £8K secondhand?
Re: Towing and Fun - KB
How about the earlier shape Toyota Rav4. 2 or 4 door. The original four wheel drive/hot hatch. Some towing ability plus a limited off road ability, plus nippy car like on road driving. Good reliability, reputation and reasonable economy, 4 door quite roomy, 2 door quite sporty. Plenty around at £8000 especially as the new version's been out for a year or so. Good chance of getting one that's never been offroad and they're popular with the ladies, so you should find a nice one.

Ask Martyn (BRM). He's got one.
Re: Towing and Fun - Martyn, Back Room moderator
KB wrote:
> How about the earlier shape Toyota Rav4

> they're popular with the ladies, so you should find a nice one.
> Ask Martyn (BRM). He's got one.

KB, are you trying to say something about me here?
Re: Towing and Fun - Andrew Smith
If it's only a trailer and not a caravan then the answer is probably, anything you like as long as you can get a tow bar fitted to it. As the guy I passed on the M25 yesterday with a scarely overladen trailer attached to a basic Corsa will testify.
Re: Towing and Fun - Brian
You need to specify trailer weight and type, how much performance you want for your fun and how far you intend towing.
Re: Towing and Fun - rg bhaji
Beware as you can get nicked if trailer overloaded.

Thre is some euro legislation looming on trailer weights, what you can tow safely, etc.
Re: Towing and Fun - Stuart B
I used to have great fun driving a 205GTI and towing a Laser dinghy on a very lightweight combi trailer.

I have to confess a particular trick was to creep up at the lights alongside the usual boy racer machine, you know more bhp utilised in the stereo and exhaust noise than anything useful. Give a few blips of the throttle. The expression when they realised there was a trailer overtaking them was quite funny. Quite reprehensible I know, not proud of it, but very funny at the time.
Re: Towing and Fun - KB
Take your point Martyn. On reflection it does look a bit carelessly put. Should have phrased that better.

So here's an official confirmation..........Martyn's not a tart. :-)
(I don't usually put those smiley things in, but I think now would be appropriate),

Regards, KB

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