Speeding excuses -that worked - Anthony Farrar
Some years ago when I was editing a military electronics magazine, a collegaue of mine was driving to Faslane, the submarine base in Scotland. He was stopped for speeding. He challanged the police radar gun reading by saying that what he was carrying in a crate in the rear of his Vovlo estate had probably interferred with the their gun. When they asked what was inside the crate he said: " Sorry can't tell you - offical secrets and all that." They ignored the speeding and gave him a high speed escort to Faslane (probably to check out his story). I think he was carrying a box of spanners.

Another knowlegable colleague questioned the police on how they tune their equipment - he was told by a tuning fork at the station - he asked them when was the last time the tuning fork had been dropped. No response and they let him on his way.
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - Mike B
Very interesting,

A friend of mine was stopped last night on the M3 for doing 99 mph - What are his chances of getting off and what is his best tactic ?

Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - Anthony Farrar
Tell him to say that he is Jack Straw's driver
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - peter
I wouldn't mind betting that he was actually doing more than 100! If the police are doing him for 99, they are doing him a favor, probably becos he was driving sensibly and conditions were reasonable!
+30 frequently results in disqualification. ( I am not sure that it is mandatory?)

If it wasnt a concealed trap or radar or Q car, how come he didnt see the police car? Tell him to put up his hands and pay. And reduce our tax bills
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - careful driver
maybe an unmarked car ?
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - Kevin

Mmmmm, lemme guess.

If he was South of junction 4 it was probably either a maroon BMW 5 series or dark blue Omega that caught him. I used to see both of them fairly regularly crusing that stretch.

Interestingly, they didn't seem to bother if you were under about 85 mph and the traffic/conditions were OK.
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - Mark (Brazil)
Three times in my life I have had speeding convictions, spread over 12 years.

Every one of them was on the M3 between Basinstoke & Winchester.
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - El Dingo (Martin)
Mark (Brazil),

I'm sorry, but I had to laugh when I read your posting! Three times!

Once is unlucky
Twice is careless
But three times!!!

Anything to get away from Boringstoke as quickly as possible I suppose.

Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - Mark (Brazil)

> I'm sorry, but I had to laugh when I read your posting!
> Three times!

Oh it gets worse.

One time hurtling up the M3, late as usual, and it was dark. As I was passing everything in sight, and there wasn't much, I saw a car pacing me from about 200 yards back so I pulled into the slow lane around 70 mph. The car didn't gain on me, so I was suspicious. Then a police car came stomping past, and I thought hah ! I gave it a few minutes and then booted it.

The other police car, which was still on my tail, lit up.

Second time heading home to Hamble was more normal. If you know the road, then as you have passed the A303 (or is it A30) junction by a few miles, the road slopes down and you pass under a bridge. At that point there is one of these slip roads not open to the public, which is concealed and I had always imagined was a good place for a police car to stop - it was.

A year later I found that the one the other side of the road was a good place for a police car to hide as well.
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - El Dingo (Martin)
Ha Ha! No, sorry... :-))))

I do know that bit of the M3 - my parents live near Christchurch - I'll remember that one.

El Dingo (Martin)
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - Rebecca
Maybe they get jumpy where the 2 lane stretch is?
Re: Speeding excuses -that worked - Brian
I have had bad vibes about the M3 since I came back up it at a dangerously low speed in a Hillman Avenger as a result of a garage in Poole having told me that they had fixed a loss of power fault. They lied.
I spent half the time on the hard shoulder at about 15 mph and ground to a temporary halt half way up the Hammersmith flyover in the Friday evening rush hour.
My local garage tracked the trouble down to a blockage in the carburettor petrol inlet which was restricting the flow.

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