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Vectra autobox problem v6 - Unusual Autos
Just purchased car from met police 02 plate old shape vectra 2.6 auto sri
In drive its got no 1st or 4th gear, but you can select gears manually,also the abs light is on and tc light also on.
The speedo is inop and when put on snap on tester ,says it could be speedo sensor?
Checked with main agent today and they havent a clue
"Its going take time to sort it out at £65@ hour!!!
I spoke to the head electrician who was about 20yrs old ,doesn't know what it could be ,have to plug it in mate and change parts as required ,im told once fitted they cant be removed and the speedo sensor is £125!!!
Any one any ideas ,im like all motor traders ,the dealers just want a pay day ,changing parts for no reason and charging what they like in the process.
Is there any good specialists near Leatherhead,Surrey or South london way
What about good gearbox people?
Vectra autobox problem v6 - El Hacko
Trevor King Automatics nearby you here in Epsom (Chalk Pit - 01372 728769): highly recommended by HJ and people who have used 'em

Vectra autobox problem v6 - elekie&a/c doctor
I think I would be looking at the Abs system first,the speedo is driven from this,not the gearbox.
Vectra autobox problem v6 - Dynamic Dave
As the t/c is also playing up, I would go with "elekie&a/c doctor's" suggestion. The t/c uses the abs sensors.

As regard the gearbox, sounds like it's in limp home mode if the only gear you've got is 3rd when it's put into Drive. I take it the "S" light is flashing and probably an error message appearing on the multi function display?
Really need to get a fault code reader on the gearbox ecu to reveal the problem there.

Vectra autobox problem v6 - Unusual Autos
I cant thank the guys at Hardy Engineering(Leatherhead,Surrey) enough,top blokes

Vectra autobox problem v6 - Dynamic Dave
And what did they do to retify the problem?

Preferably without upsetting the swear filter this time ;o)
Vectra autobox problem v6 - Unusual Autos
Just a fuse in the fuse box !
apparantly tripped by someone jump starting the car
The fuse controls everything !!

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