306 hdi advice please - tobyn
I've seen a couple of '02 306 hdi estates at an independent dealer which are in my price range. There are two things which I'm not sure about.

Firstly one is an ex-lease car. I know all the points about them having been serviced properly, but is there anything to look out for? i.e. can a car be classified as a lease but have been a hire car?

Secondly the ex-lease has a towbar. The dealer pointed out it only has one power socket and therefore will have not have been used with a caravan.. true? Is it wise to leave it fitted as presumably they've drilled through something to attach it..?

I've read that the trim can wear easily - did the GLX come with more robust seating material?

306 hdi advice please - hcm
Can't help you with some of your questions.

Re the tow bar. I would have thought it would depend on the driver. If he was lazy and tended to leave it in a higher gear (on a hill for example) when towing, the engine will have laboured more.

With so many 306hdis on the market why take the risk?
306 hdi advice please - Altea Ego
Having one socket does not mean it has not been used with a caravan, just not with a caravan that has split charging/power set up.

Lease cars are on the whole fine. At least you can be sure its been maintained to a basic level.

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