Nissan Prairie Carbs - John Davis
Could anyone point me in the right direction re information on the carburettor, fitted to a 1990 Nissan Prairie Mk2. There is no Haynes manual for this model but, I understand that the same carb might be fitted to the Bluebird range. Could anyone confirm this ? What I really need is some guidance on setting up and checking the auto choke, ie, the electrically heated bimetallic coil which should (I think) close the choke flap on cold start up. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Re: Nissan Prairie Carbs - David Woollard

You should have a Hitachi DCR 342 carb fitted, this is indeed the same as fitted to the two litre Bluebird.

Haynes book 1473 for the Bluebird covers the carb and auto-choke. There are only a couple of pages on this topic but that may be enough info to help you. Worth getting the Haynes from the local library I guess.

If the question is easy to answer here or by e-mail I have the info in front of me so ask away.

Re: Nissan Prairie Carbs - Adam Going

Correct, the bi-metallic heater unit should close the choke flap accross the top of the venturi when the throttle is depressed with engine cold. Slacken the three posidrive screws and rotate the heater unit so that this occurs. Once running the choke heater unit should have a battery voltage supply (13 to 15 volts) - if this is not present the choke will not cancel. You also need to ensure a good earth for the heater element - this is achieved by the clamp ring, and it may need to be removed and cleaned. If you have a voltage supply and a good earth, yet the choke does not cancel fully in 4 to 7 minutes then the bi-metallic unit must be replaced.

Regards, Adam
Re: Nissan Prairie Carbs - John Davis
Many thanks David & Adam for your comments. Much appreciated and, your advice indicates that I have not fully undertood the operation of this choke (It's my Son's car) so a bit more testing is called for. Thank you David for your kind offer of direct or furum contact . If I cannot sort this out, perhaps I could come back to you. Thanks.
Re: Nissan Prairie Carbs - Dave N
What sometimes hapens with these is the mechanism gets lubricated, then dirt sticks to t, then it doesn't move. A good clean-up of the mechanism on the side of the carb might help, (and don't lubricate).

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