Peugeot 306 1.4i stalling... - mhumphris
Advice if anyone can please, it's difficult to explain to a garage!! My 2001 Peugeot 306 is suffering in the fact that for ages now, when it is started up after being parked for a while, unless i keep the revs up for around 5 mins the car will stall. If i start it without depressing the accelerator it will just conk out. Now I have noticed that the car is becoming harder to start intermittantly, either when it is cold or whether it is warm, but eventually after 5 mins of ticking over it does start - highly embaressing when you stop for a pint of milk at a packed petrol garage. i have also noticed sometimes that the speedo needle and the rev counter needle both fly over to point to the right, and the digital display reads 9999 and there is what looks like a clock (square box, with a line going in at a corner).

I know the above sounds really difficult, but try explaining it to Peugeot - they think i've gone mad.....

luckily, I am under warranty for most of the things, as it was extended and I argue the point until they agree to not charge me, but i have no idea what the problem might be and how hefty it might be should it not be covered somewhere...!
Peugeot 306 1.4i stalling... - brayer
hi there
this unfortunatly is quite common on 1.4 306's with sagem sl96 injection systems and it is caused by interference from the coil pack blowing the idle output stage of the engine ecu it can also affect the instrument panel . the cure is a new coil pack (make sure its electrofil not sagem make and either a new ecu (approx£400) or get the old one repaired (approx £100) make sure you fit the coil before starting the engine with a good ecu.(when checking fault codes will bring up permanent fault with idle regulator.hope this helps
paul (peugeot master tech)


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