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Fiesta Mk3 stutter - Porky
Hi, I have a 1.1i Fiesta and have a problem when I take my foot off the accelerator and back on again there is a slight hesitation before the power comes back on with a slight jolt. Its noticeable when changing gear and coming off junctions. It does not do this however if you have the foot partially on the throttle and lift off, not completely, and back on again. I've 'played' with the throttle when the car is idling and the response is fine.

Any ideas would be grateful. Could it be the clutch on its way out?

Fiesta Mk3 stutter - carl233
You could well be correct it may be a clutch issue. It would be worthwhile to try pulling away from a standing start in high gear to see how it reacts. You could also try changing gear very early whilst the vehicle is moving and see how it picks up.

I would also check the driveshafts, as it may be a powertrain related problem. The BC type gearboxes on these cars are generally solid units and rarely give trouble.
Fiesta Mk3 stutter - buzbee
This can also be due to an ignition problem. Plugs work well when you are purring along. Lift off. Plugs cool. Foot back on throttle means high cylinder pressures while accelerating, so more volts needed from ignition. Worn plugs or leaky leads and you can get misfires.

If the plugs have not been changed recently, try a new set. Also check plug leads.
Fiesta Mk3 stutter - Porky
Took out the spark plugs today and they are not a uniform colour. On one of them half the electrode was sooted and black and the other half was near white. The other plugs were also a combination of patchy soot and white.

Any ideas before I chanage the plugs?

Thanks, RG
Fiesta Mk3 stutter - tasha si
hi ive got a fiesta si 1.6 zetec,ive also had or got problems with misfiring i changed the plugs and leads last september but had to do it again yesterday the car is still misfiring slightly, but i thought of checking the coil pack, have u thought of checking that on your fiesta? hope this has helped sorry if it hasnt!!
Fiesta Mk3 stutter - Civic8
If thats the carb version?. It could be an air leak on the throttle butterfly spindle..To tell check the sideplay.If none (unlikely)it wont be that.But if their is. it may be that causing it..Other points to check would be plugs/Ht side breaking down..Clutch wont have anything to do with it

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