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UK drivers paying too much for parts - Chas{P}
A few observations from the research to point out, having done this type of research for 6 years in my previous job.

The Warranty Direct comparison was done on lower replacement frequency parts where there is a known high disparity on prices. If it was done on parts with a much higher replacement frequency then, I know, the disparity would be a lot less. Higher volume parts, such as filters and brake parts are where all the sales revenue is so that?s where all the pricing effort goes in matching the competition.

Meaningful parts price research is based upon these basics:
Selection of high volume models
Selection of high replacement frequency parts
Prices obtained from a representative selection of outlets for an equivalent quality and content part

Good to read but you are hardly shopping round for an air conditioning compressor each year are you?

UK drivers paying too much for parts - Robin Reliant
Good to read but you are hardly shopping round for an
air conditioning compressor each year are you?

Things like air conditioning compressors are not fast moving stock, but the same applies to the accessory shops who sell at a fraction of what the main dealers charge, and presumably still make a profit. Unless accessory shop owners are all benevolent millionaires, of course. And it is items like these which send otherwise servicable cars to the scrapheap long before their time, because they have reached the age where the spare part costs more than the car is worth.
UK drivers paying too much for parts - madf
It's simple economics. You want a fast moving part? It's stocked by loads of people , made by several and competitive . And if it's held in stock it is sold quickly. So the costs of holding stock is very low.

You want a rare infrequently used part? The manufacturer makes it in smll batches. He holds stock. The outlets which hold stock sell it rarely. Costs of manaufacture and holding stock are high.

UK propety prices are v high. So overheads are v high. So infrequently sold parts are going to cost more.

Accessory shops usually have low overheads (simple stocking systems ) and often just order parts for you. So if you can wait they'll be cheaper. Main dealers have fancy premises and well trained (?) staff/receptionists/telephonists and managers to pay - all overheads!

If you can use the internet /ebay. Much cheaper 80% of the time...



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