Banger for the kids - Ernest

Hi all

Offered a Toyota Carina II 1989 with 150k on the clock, however it has been well maintained and serviced and goes well. The problem is the exhaust is leaking and I am not sure, it could be the cat converter. If it is I need to check thr replacement cost. Also the rear wiper motor is a bit duff. Wants £300.00 for the car is it a bargain or reasonable value?
Re: Banger for the kids - Honest John
This car shouldn't have a cat. If it does have one it doesn't need to keep it. £300 is on the high side, but these cars have a reputation for a long life.

Re: Banger for the kids - T lucas
If it goes and has an MOT thats great, you can run it then throw it away.Also 1989 no cat required,prob not fitted.Look at the news you see lots of this kind of vehicle in Afganistan and Pakistan,tough as a tough thing.
Re: Banger for the kids - ladas are slow
these cars are as tough as a russian tank, and you can sell it on in 6 months and get you money back, people spending under £500 just love reliable cars.
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What would you know you have only driven a virtual lada ,go back to your spinning top
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now now, little mister ah bisto.
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I saw a Mk1 escort in Kabul on the news the other day.

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