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Crosland Filters to Close - Schnitzel

Nottingham Evening Post

12:00 - 20 January 2005

Up to 270 jobs are to go at a Nottingham firm founded 50 years ago as Crosland Filters.

Sogefi Filtration UK is to close its automotive filter factory at Glaisdale Drive this year.

Operations will be gradually run down, said manager David Kelly.

The company, which makes 11 million filters a year for vehicle engines, is now Italian-owned.

Production will be transferred to plants in South Wales, France and Italy.

Mr Kelly described the closure as "a tragedy".

He said there were a number of pressures on the industry which led to the decision.

Engines and filters were made so precisely that they lasted for between 15,000 miles and 20,000 miles, instead of the historic 4,000 to 5,000 miles.

The company also faced competition from cheaper filters made in the Far East which can be bought in motor accessory stores.

Mr Kelly said: "Technology and economics are catching up with us - we are in a multi-part squeeze.

"Today modern engines are made to a degree of precision hitherto unthought of. The engines last longer and need fewer filters.

"People such as ourselves have been forced by engine builders and commercial pressures to improve materials and processes so that filters are far more efficient than 15 or 20 years ago. They don't need changing so frequently."

Mr Kelly added that the company was doing everything it could to help staff by bringing in external consultants who would advise and help draft job applications.

He said Sogefi, which has a turnover in the UK of £75m, faced similar problems in France and Italy.

Mr Kelly added: "We are now in talks with our employees.

"We have a very constructive relationship with staff. It is an excellent workforce and this is a great tragedy."

Crosland Filters, founded in Nottingham in 1955 by Jack Crosland and Tommy Shields, became one of the country's leading filter manufacturers.

In 1988, it was taken over by French-owned Precision Mecanique Labinal and was subsequently acquired by Sogefi.

Crosland Filters to Close - Peter Piper

The Crosland filter brand name has been purchased by Euro Car Parts.

The filters being sold in Crosland boxes are sourced by EuroCarParts, but as of yet I have not read anything regarding their quality.

One thing is certain: Crosland filters are no longer made by the original Crosland UK.

Note their now rather generic website which makes much of the fact that the filters have a 'proud heritage'. However this means little if we don't know at present who makes them.



Posted on 06 February 2013

Sogefi Group discontinued the UK-only Crosland filter range – at the time its smallest filter brand – in 2010. ... The ‘Crosland’ UK registered trademark was then recently sold to Euro Car Parts. Although the trademark sale allows Euro Car Parts to sell filters in Crosland boxes in the UK and Ireland, Sogefi has discontinued any product supply agreement in relation to Crosland.

This means that the Crosland-boxed filters now being offered by Euro Car Parts are not manufactured or supplied by the Sogefi Group, which takes no responsibility for the range and the products.

Sogefi therefore has, and will have, no further involvement with the Crosland name or product supply, either now or in the future. Sogefi’s focus will be on offering its quality aftermarket brands only through its preferred distribution networks in the UK and Ireland.”


Edited by Peter Piper on 06/05/2014 at 20:47

Crosland Filters to Close - gordonbennet

Used to be one of my preferred aftermarket makes, heard from various sources the product in the box was no longer what it once was, Peter Pipers post confirms that somewhat, thanks PP.

I try to get Mann and Hummel whenever possible or an equivalent quality.

Crosland Filters to Close - Hamsafar

Crosland are almost certainly made in India by Guttmann Automotive Components as they used to sell these and the they started selling Crosland. Most of ECP's generic stuff is Indian as the owner is an Indian.

Edited by Hamsafar on 12/05/2014 at 22:30

Crosland Filters to Close - A3 A4

Crosland are almost certainly made in India by Guttmann Automotive Components as they used to sell these and the they started selling Crosland. Most of ECP's generic stuff is Indian as the owner is an Indian.

It was, but since 2011 ECP has been owned by American autofactor company LKQ.

Crosland Filters to Close - Wackyracer

Sogefi own (or Owned) alot of the filter brands. I was only wondering the other day what happened to the 'Technocar' brand as they seem to have disappeared too.

Crosland Filters to Close - Peter Piper

Looks like they may be made in China now.

Here's some info found on the export-import site Alibaba, (this is the specific filter for my vehcile, a Nissan Micra)

Type: Air filter
OE NO.: 8031
Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Brand Name: EXCEL
Color: yellow
Material: Filter paper, metal and sponge
Service life at normal working condition:
more than 2,000h
Certification: TS16949
Application: Auto air filter
Flow rate: 0.5-10 0cbm/min

Filter efficiency: 2-10 micro

Company profile:

Ningbo Excel Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the Automobile Part Industry Base of China, Ningbo, ZJ. We have been doing the auto part business since 1998. Now, our company is an auto part enterprise integrating production and sale. Our main products are shocks, filters, brake systems, control arms, felexible pipe etc.



Edited by Peter Piper on 15/05/2014 at 07:14

Crosland Filters to Close - A3 A4

Just bought an oil filter for my Audi PD, no indication whatsoever on the box as to where its made, although the quality doesn't look too bad its not up to that of my normal Mann Filter which is only a quid more from Carparts4less.

Will run it for for the next 5k.

Crosland Filters to Close - 659FBE

As part of my work with a former UK fuel systems maker, I evaluated several fuel and oil filters. Although this was some time ago, sectioning these filters was a most revealing exercise - some had the element so poorly retained in the can that they rattled when shaken. Others had misplaced pleats or an incompletely sealed paper join.

My own view, based on previous work is that you would be insane to fit a Crosland filter to a VAG PD engine - despite the fact that it is a bare element.

A Mann & Hummel or Bosch filter for your engine can be bought online for as little as £3.50 if you shop around. The damage caused for example, by a pleated filter collapsing on sudden pressurisation following a cold startup is considerable, as is the misery factor.

Section your old element (messy job) and examine the perforated core support system fitted to this element. It's quite sophisticated and needs an expensive tool to mould it - using the correct grade of plastic. When you fit a new filter, change both "O" rings, get the lower one in the correct groove, oil the top one and use a torque wrench to tighten the cap.

The PD engine does not take at all kindly to poorly designed pattern parts - or bodging.


Edited by 659FBE on 15/05/2014 at 15:46

Crosland Filters to Close - A3 A4

TBH I didn't buy it, it came 'free' with the 507 oil I ordered, I have a Mann filter on the shelf which I will use to save my insanity!

Thanks for the heads up!


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