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Dartford Tolls Progress - Brian
Following my earlier thread, I wrote to my MP (Simon Burns, Chelmsford West) using (excellent) and got a reply this morning which included the following:

"Thank you for your interesting letter because, until I received it, I was unaware that there was a possibility that the Govenment were going to break the agreement that the tolls for the Dartford Crossing were going to continue once the Queen Elizabeth Bridge was paid for.

If this is indeed the case ...... it seems a breach of faith ..... as I understood that the proposal for tolls in the first place was simply for them to remain in place until the bridge was paid for.

I will certainly make representations .... because it would seem to be wrong if the Government is going to go back on a agreement that was made prior to the building of the bridge"

So it seems that our representatives have not been made aware of this move, and that MPs WILL act if informed.

Chelmsford is only 20 miles from the tunnel and I find it astounding that local MPs are unaware, but this stretch of the M25 is used by everyone going to the Channel ports or Eurotunnel unless from south London , the south coast or West Country, so it is of national interest.

So, PLEASE write to YOUR MP, it's easy online, and this measure affects a major component of the national transport network, it is not simply a local issue, and the more pressure we can apply by democratic means the more chance there is of a policy u-turn.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.
Re: Dartford Tolls Progress - Matt Kelly
Simon Burns is also my MP but I'll send him a little note just to let him know that you're not the only one who feels the same.


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