Mondeo leaking injector - Robin Reliant
One of the fuel injectors on my Mondeo 1.8 TD is leaking. Is this likely to be something simple such as needing tightening or a seal replaced, or is the injector itself likely to need replacing? Not having a large enough socket I have not been able to remove it to investigate.

I am assuming (and hoping) that if it needs replacing, it can be replaced on it's own and not as part of the complete set.

Any help appreciated.
Mondeo leaking injector - Quinny100
Where is it leaking from? The most likely source is the leak off pipe and the fuel is pooling around the base of the injector.

Injectors should be torqued up and they do have a washer which may be worthwhile replacing but be sure its not the rubber pipe thats causing the problem.
Mondeo leaking injector - Robin Reliant
Thanks for the quick reply, Quinny. In my initial panic I did not reaaly have a close enough look but after your suggestion it does indeed appear that one of the fuel return hoses is the culprit. The injector body itself is wet from the base of the pipe down.

I hope so, it would make a nice change for one of my motoring problems to be of a simple nature!

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