Metro ECU problems - percy
A friend has a problem with a Rover Metro 114A (auto 1.4L). It had been running fine, but one evening having started ok the engine died and wouldn't restart. A mobile mechanic was called and reckoned the sparks were weak, and took the ECU off for testing (to CAFCO). After a delay, the reply came back that there was no output to the coil or the fuel pump. So a p/x ECU was fitted, and a second, and a third! Sometimes the engine would run for 40 mins or so, and once my friend actually had the car back 'repaired', it ran for a few miles, but the engine died when the car was halted at a roundabout. There has been muttering about sensors but no answers yet after 3 weeks. Have any of you experts any ideas/experience on this??
Metro ECU problems - David Lacey
Yes - crankshaft sensors fail very often. Part number ADU7340 costing about £24 is the first port of call.

Re: Metro ECU problems - Adam Going (Tune-Up Ltd)
Second that, David.

Regards, Adam
Re: Metro ECU problems - percy
Thanks very much for your advice chaps, I'll pass the advice to my friend asap.

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