Wrong Information on V5C document - tissy
I`m in the process of selling my Audi and have only just noticed on the V5 document they show the car as a 3 door and
not 5 :(

Should I notify the DVLA or let the garage sort it out?
Wrong Information on V5C document - john deacon
friend of mine drove around for ages with number plate a digit out at front, correct number at back, i guess its not such a hard mistake to make, eventally went back to supplying garage for new plate
Wrong Information on V5C document - Pugugly {P}
Someone on this website e-mailed DVLA to alter a similar error. This proved to work much to the shock/horror of everyone here !
Wrong Information on V5C document - Clanger
PU's right.


Stranger in a strange land
Wrong Information on V5C document - Simon
The DVLA are great aren't they. When I bought a brand spanking new Aprilia motorcycle a couple of years back I received the V5 through the post with the make being listed as a Lambretta! Add this to the fact that the frame number had a 5 listed as an S (or vice versa) on the V5, plus there was another minor mistake on it as well. I can't remember what it was. Anyway I wrote them a letter, sent it attached to the V5 and a couple of weeks later I had another new V5, all amended with no fuss or hassle whatsoever.
Wrong Information on V5C document - Robin Reliant
I've never ever been so bored that I've actually read a V5. All those long numbers, give anyone a headache.
Wrong Information on V5C document - Pugugly {P}
But a misplaced digit or an error n the maker's name could end up wih youhaving your collar felt by a bored Copper. Don't be too harsh though it could be the dealer's fault in putting the wrong data on the forms.
Wrong Information on V5C document - Chas{P}
In my last job I analysed DVLA data to produce vehicle population statistics for clients.

The errors in the data were huge and as a result of inputting errors on the whole. There were 10 litre engined fiestas, astras with a taxation class of cess pool emptier, Rover Range Rovers as well as Land Rover Range Rovers. The list of errors went on and on. It took sometimes hours of thumbing through a Glasses guide vehicle check book to get a data set correct.

The Back Room contributers are an informed lot. I bet if everyone gets their V5C out and checks it carefully there will be something not quite right on them in a suprising number of cases.

My recommendation will be to inform the DVLA and the vehicle history checking companies such as HPI.

These vehicle history check agencies rely on DVLA data and therefore get fed duff information. Their records are only updated by changes and additions, not a complete data set each time.

Against my wife's Ford Puma registration there were the details of a Ford Transit. After a few calls it was all sorted out for prospective purchasers running a check in the future.


Wrong Information on V5C document - Adam {P}
When I got my new car (not brand new) we had a whale of a time with the DVLA. I sold my car, I got Dad's and Dad bought a new one. I think you can guess what's coming:

I get logbook for old car

I get slip saying old car is no longer mine

I get log book for new car

Dad gets log book for my old car

Dad gets log book for new car

Oh how we laughed...
Wrong Information on V5C document - Happy Blue!
I have a situation similar to Adski's coming up.

Just P/xed one car for a another. The old one was in my wife's name, but Dad did the deal for the new one and bought it in his name. Two days later he decides that he doesn't like the new car, so I have taken it over.

For insurance purposes, the car now needs to be registered to me or my wife. Without increasing the number of registered keepers, I need to get the name changed.

My broker says just write to the DVLA and tell them that there was a mistake and that the new car should have been registered in wifes name, but that Dad's name was put on becuase he physically negotiated the deal. Will this wash?
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