Danish Toyota - T.G.Webb
Readers who are looking at importation of a Toyota from Denmark might be interested to contact "Henrik Nielsen" . This seems to be close to one of the budget airline's Danish airport at Arhus.
I was interested in an Avensis Verso at the time and contacted several European Toyota dealers by post. Henrik was one of the few to reply and kept in touch, he got me a price as soon as he could (this took some time as it has only recently been announced) but by that time I had already purchased a Zafira locally.
I advised him and he was very courteous about it. I confirmed with him that it was OK to give out his name.
Parallel Imports - Zebedee
Will car manufacturers be next in line for the Levi treatment? Since the European Court ruled against Tesco selling Levis from outside the EEC, will car manufacturers follow suit?

Re: Parallel Imports - Diesel Dave
Denmark is inside the EU - the European court has acted in favour of the motoring public by fining VW 50 Million Euros for trying to prevent italian dealers selling VWs to German and Austrian customers. the same sort of thing has been happening with Mercedes too.

We pay far too much for almost every type of good and service in the UK. I recently returned from a week in Germany where a good hotel room cost me less than £ 20.00 per night, the food was excellent and also much cheaper than here, cigarettes cost 5.50 DM - less than £ 2.00 per packet, and their road system is far superior to ours, no speed limits when the road is open and clear, and you can only be prosecuted by a speed camera when there is a photograph clearly showing YOU in the driving seat.

The Railways are far superior to ours too !
Re: Parallel Imports - Bob H
I bought my Golf GTi 1.8T from a VW main Dealer in Dublin last year. Initially I rang several VW dealers in Ireland and got almost identical reasons, from all of them, for refusing to take an order . " Can't get enough for our local customers, sorry"

I rang the VW Distributers in Dublin - they said it was nothing to do with them as the dealers the sold cars. I then faxed the European Commission in Brussels and had a phone call within an hour. That was followed by a call from VW in Germany and then by a Dublin VW dealer - all on the same day.

Incidentally the car - (5 Door, metalic, Climate Control, 16" Alloys and to full UK spec less CD and just a 1 year guarantee) cost me £13,900 all in. This included RFL, Ferry, No Plates, VAT etc)

I see in HJ news today a higher spec car can be had for £14999. Not certain of prices in Ireland now or exact exchange rate but there can't be much in it.

Bob H
Re: Parallel Imports - KB
Bob H, Have you still got the number of the Euro. Commission in Brussells? If you have and are happy to publish it, I'd be keen to have it. Otherwise Advise me and I'll Email you privately, with your permission.
Re: Parallel Imports - Bob H
The details were published in 'Which' who told you who to contact if you got obstructed in buying a car. I don't think I kept them.

There is a mass of information on the European Commission on www.europa.eu.int - look under 'competion' in what ever language you feel most comfortable in using! a fax number I got was 0032-2-296.12.42

If you are interested in a VW from Ireland I can give you the details of the dealer I used.

Re: Parallel Imports - Tomo
Diesel Dave is right, we pay more for everything. My hypothesis is that most of us are doing nothing useful, just adding our mark-up to the price of something.
Re: Parallel Imports - KB
Thanks Bob.

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