Xantia heater slow to warm up - Guy
I've got a Citroen Xantia HDi (110bhp) turbo diesel. When the weather's cold, I've noticed it's very slow to heat up. I'm having the thermostat checked out in a week or so, but meanwhile wondered if anyone else had a similar problem. Is it perhaps a common trait with this model?

Whilst on the subject, the automatic climate system seems to act irrationally, e.g. if I increase the required temperature, the fan speed reduces (I would have expected it to increase) and if I set the temperature to max., the fan speed just about dies. I could understand this if the car was stone cold, with a large difference between the ambient temperature in the car and the temperature requested, presumably because the fan would be blowing harder but with colder air; but this seems to occur even when the car has reached correct operating temperature. Other cars I've had with climate control (Galaxies, Rover 800, Volvo 850) have never acted like this.
Re: Xantia heater slow to warm up - Simon Butterworth
Don't recognise slow warming as such, though the erratic fan rings a bell. There is some logic that connects it with the outside temp and selection of demist.

Selection of demist also engages the aircon irrespective of the aircon button.

No mention of this feature in the handbook.
Re: Xantia heater slow to warm up - Brian
I have a related problem on the Pug 405, advancing the heater control changes the output from cold to hot, no position appears to give "warm". i.e. it's all or nothing.
Does the heater control operate on the water flow or does it adjust a mix of cold and hot air?
Re: Xantia heater slow to warm up - Andy T
("I've got a Citroen Xantia HDi (110bhp) turbo diesel. When the weather's cold, I've noticed it's very slow to heat up.")

I've been a reader of Diesel Car for a long time ,and something I had noted during the last few years was that as the efficiency of diesel engines progressed ,so there were more complaints about heaters being slow to warm up the interior (Rover sdi, VW tdi, to name a couple.)

The reason given was that as efficiency increased, thermal losses to the water jacket decreased.

Manufacturers seem to catching on ,and fitting 'booster' heaters of either electrical or fuel types. The Skoda Fabia and Octavia are so fitted, and the Landrover Freelander has the option.
Re: Xantia heater slow to warm up - andy bairsto
Guy,The heater on my XM works extremely well ,In a morning I use the ac full heat and the screen clearer set in manual then after a few minutes turn the ac off set to outside airflow and the fan at 3 ,result is high heat in minutes.Does the Xantia have a pollen filter it could be blocked.
to andy bairstow - Stuart B
How did you end up with your quest for the Webasto/Eberspacher fuel fired pre-heater?
Re: Xantia heater slow to warm up - Guy
>>Does the Xantia have a pollen filter it could be blocked.

Andy, yes it does and yes it was! I had it serviced on Friday and was told the pollen filter was clogged (is this normal for 12500 miles .... assuming it had been renewed at the previous service of course). But no difference to the rate of warm-up since. There have been a few replies (e.g. Ian Cook) saying that common rail diesels are slower to warm up due to increased efficiency - oh well, can't really complain, I suppose. But it does feel odd having to wear a coat on cold mornings (journey to work = 6 miles).

Re: Xantia heater slow to warm up - Ian Cook

I also have a Xantia HDi 110 and it's not as quick to warm up as my old TD. It's a common trait with direct injection diesels and is due to the increased efficiency of the engine (less heat to get rid of via the cooling system.

Apparently, VWs are quite prone to it - there has been much correspondence in Diesel Car magazine over the last couple of years. There is no cure, apart from (possibly) fitting a Kenlowe heater.

The "erratic" fan is due, I believe, to its auto setting that gives priority to the windscreen. You can cut the icy blast to the screen by setting the distribution level part way between screen and cabin/screen (or use the fan on pre-set speeds).

Re: Xantia heater slow to warm up - Dave N
Are you sure the climate control isn't faulty?

Most monitor the output of the heater ducts & the coolant temp, and if this is too cool, it won't turn the fan up to high speed until it detects some warmth in the air, otherwise it would blast your feet with cold air. If the hot/cold flap isn't working properly, this may be the effect. With the engine warm, feel the hoses going into the heater through the bulkead, if these are hot, then it may be the flap. If you turn the hot/cold to full hot or cold, you may hear the flap move, and you may be able to hear it clunk is it reached full travel. Alternatively, remove the glovebox and see if you can see the mechanism, and make sure it is traveling properly.

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